Moon Warriors

Chapter 21 the Title as Madame Commander

It's not until they all walked away gradually and disappeared in sight did the tense atmosphere in the Martin family slowly eased.

But at this time, there were less people. Everyone looked at Isaac and Brian Martin, at first they wanted to stay and celebrated together. But due to Isaac was here, in the end they had no choice but to leave.

“ Andrew.” Emily Clark looked at Andrew Stone who now seemed like a stranger to her.

She wanted to touch Andrew, but she didn’t dare to.

Andrew looked back at her and smiled, “Happy Birthday!”

She was not in a mood to listen to any greetings such as “Happy Birthday”. She just wanted to know what was going on just now.

“Actually, what happened just now?”

Those people called her Madame. Those who was their superiors and achieved certain achievements, then only could be called as Madame. For example, others just called the ladies in the Turner family and the Clark family Mrs. But she was directly addressed as Madame.

This was a noble title!

Could it be that Andrew was the superior of those people?

That’s right. Those six people were under Andrew, the Six Deputy Commanders.

He originally had seven of them, but one of them, named Matthew Hart, had sacrificed in the battlefield. It was a pain in his heart.

Andrew glanced subconsciously at Isaac who hadn’t recovered from the surprise and said, “I have just made a deal with them. Asher Turner violated the military discipline and has long been guilty of abusing power.

“This time, they come to K City to catch him. I promise them that I will help them to catch Asher, in return they promise to celebrate your birthday.

“But…” Emily stammered, “But with their status, there’s absolutely unnecessary to make such deal with you, right?”

Andrew sneered, “Don’t you know that who is dominating K City? There are people who think that they can run away from their wrongdoings, so they have to use this way to catch the criminals!"

Andrew said this purposely to inform Isaac because now he still didn’t want to destroy the Turner family as he had a bigger plan. With the Turner family's power, they didn’t dare to exterminate the Clark family. There were some other forces behind them.

If these forces didn’t come out to the surface, how could he get rid of them?


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