Moon Warriors

Chapter 22 Let's Rest in the Room Tonight.

Meanwhile, Emily, Andrew and others arrived home.

There was a sign of relief on Rosa’s face as she sat down on the sofa.

She said while patting her chest, “I was scared to death. I thought Andrew had really broken some law.”

“Hey! Andrew, you didn’t break any law, did you?”

Andrew shook his head, “They would have taken me if I did break the law.”

“That’s fine then.” Rosa patted her chest while letting out a long sigh.

“Come to think about it, it would be great if you are indeed the leader of those people. We will never be bullied again and it sure feels good to have a powerful son in law.”

“Even Emily’s father would be happy about this!”

Rosa raised her head with tears in her eyes.

“Rosa, please be rest assured that nothing bad will ever happen to you as long as I live.”

Emily and Rosa felt great relief hearing those words.

To them, it was simply a good intention from Andrew, but to Andrew himself, it was a committed statement he made to them.

Andrew’s mobile rang suddenly.

It was an unknown number. Andrew walked over to the balcony and answered the call.

With Andrew walked away, Rosa said to Emily, “Emily, Andrew is pretty nice to us, especially to you. He’s always giving his best when it comes to you.”

Emily looked at Andrew’s back and nodded slightly, of course, she knew all along how Andrew treated them.

Rosa continued, “Think about it, he signed the contract as a trade for your grandpa to throw you a birthday party, he even invited a long list of guests. He is doing things following your father’s step, and only your father would have been able to do it.”

“Not to mention the huge surprise. He threatened to have Asher Turner taken away so that they will address you as Madame and presenting you with gifts. Despite being a trade, it is enough to show how important you are to him.”

felt warm listening to Rosa. She bit

you like Andrew?”

to answer, she whispered while still holding the teacup, “Alright, mom, you should

to get some rest? You haven’t answered my question. Andrew wouldn’t have done so much for you if he doesn’t like you. Now it’s

separated for so long,

knew but she just wasn’t sure.

If there were love between you two, you'd better have a baby. And then your father

blushed again when she talked about having a kid.

at the balcony and felt a sudden sweetness in her heart.

“Andrew, is that you?”

and the richest person in River Capital, Andrew’s


know you are still upset about what happened, but

am sorry Andrew, it’s my fault. Can you

way to relieve me is that you will be taking over

breath and laughed. “Ryan Stone, I know you are eyeing on my power! Do you really think I am interested in being the master of

No matter how much you dislike it, it is your family, this is

my family name is Clark, but I have no

his eyes, everything in the past started

never forget how his

is Stone’s blood in you. The Clark

can easily build hundreds of

if you ever bother me again, I

as he finished, he was so furious and crushed his mobile with

to calm down. He could let go of everything

wasn’t for the Clark family, he would’ve been murdered by the Stones too!

hated the Stones to

back after a long while and saw Emily standing

of confusion. He saw how

she saw his face, she felt scared

are you alright?” Emily asked carefully and glanced

cleared his throat, “Fine. I dropped and broke

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