Moon Warriors

Chapter 23 Evelyn Porter

Emily's face got even redder. She lowered her head and said, "Go if you want to."

After saying the words, Emily went into the room with a red face. She looked again at the wood board that was laid for Andrew and hesitated whether to put it away. If not, would Andrew come in later and go to sleep on bed?

After hesitating for a while, she still didn't take it away, but fell directly on the bed.

Not long after, Andrew came in. And when he saw the bedding that was on the floor, he shook his head and smiled.

Andrew didn't go onto bed but slept on the floor. This was the closest night he had to Emily.

Emily knew that Andrew did not go onto bed, she felt angry and helpless. As a woman, it was hard for her to remind him of it.

Finally, under huge helplessness, she spoke shyly, "Andrew, my mother said she wants us to have a baby."

Andrew heard the words, and this shocked him!

‘Have a baby, a baby.’

He did not answer and didn’t know how to answer.

After a long time, Emily did not hear Andrew answer, only closed her eyes slowly.

Early the next morning, Emily said to Andrew with great enthusiasm, "Andrew, can you go with me to sign the contract together?"

On a special day like today, Emily wanted Andrew to go with her and share it.

Besides, Andrew had involved in the whole process. And he had the obligation to go along with her and share it.

"Sure!" In fact, without Emily’s words, Andrew would also accompany her.

This was considered Emily's first footprint out of the step. He will certainly accompany Emily to go.

When Emily was dressed in a standard OL outfit, they set off.

"By the way, do

Emily with his own vehicle, a

asked that, he nodded and said,

good, you drive me." Emily looked at that e-bike

was bound to be good if had a car. But Emily herself didn’t

could only ride her e-bike

around Andrew's waist. This was the closest trip they had ever taken. But not knowing why, sitting behind Andrew, Emily felt very safe although the electrical bicycle was

other side, in

Emily rode an e-bike to sign the contract?” Mario shouted at the

drove her? Holy shit, this is really

phone, Mario hurriedly went downstairs and drove his Audi A6L

he have expected that Emily, who went to sign such an important contract, would go there by an

it, the funnier

Emily and Andrew arrived

and called out, "Hey, hey, hey, what are you


shouted, "What kind of person is this? Riding a cheap e-bike and parked randomly.

the woman came down from the car. She was long-legged, wearing the most

looked at the woman and said to Emily, "Let's go. Signing

leave when the woman

said somewhat timidly, "Ah, I've

worse than Evelyn's at all. What she

suppressed too much which caused her

don’t you

you know where here is? Do you deserve to park in this place with your cheap e-bike? I'm not asking you to move it just a little bit. I'm

finally here. We've been

from SOUTHWESTERN and said respectfully to this

said as he held out his

with him and said, "Manager West, take a look for yourself. This e-bike is parked with my car, doesn’t it look like my car is downgraded a lot. I

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