Moon Warriors

Chapter 24 Kneel Down!

When they walked into the lobby, Mark West immediately arranged Evelyn Porter to sit down. After serving the tea, he said to Evelyn, “Miss Porter, please wait for a moment, our partner will be soon arriving.”

He had a look at the time while talking, they were supposed to be here accordingly to the time as scheduled.

“Well, I heard that the partner is also a female?” Evelyn asked with her legs crossed.

Mark nodded and replied, “You’re right, she is a female, Miss Clark. They said she is young, about the same age as you.”

“How did she make it?” Evelyn curiously asked.

If she was able to sign a contract and cooperate with the richest in the Southwest Region, at the same age as her, she must have super strong abilities, otherwise there was someone else behind to support her.

Mark said,“I am not clear about this, in short, Miss Clark is a person even Mr.Fraser respects very much.”

Even Mr. Fraser respected her, her background was definitely not simple. Evelyn was in the business circle and she certainly knew the rule of the game.

They waited anxiously for a while, two people were walking in. They were the two people who rode the electric bike just now.

As soon as he saw the two people, Mark frowned instantly and went to ask, “Who are you looking for?”

Emily replied, “We are looking for...”

She had not finished the words, Mark immediately said, “Go go go away, you need to leave. You come to the wrong place. Do you know where it is? This is the SOUTHWESTERN, it’s the place of Ray Fraser, the richest person in the Southwest Region, it’s the territory of Mr. Fraser, do you understand that?

Mark shouted at the door, “Guard, guard, get these two out of here right now.”

Andrew started at Mark and asked, “Are you sure you want us to leave?”

Mark took a look at Andrew’s clothes, he did not think Andrew looked like a wealthy person. Then Mark looked again at Emily, she was beautiful yet she looked somehow poor.

Mark held his arms and spoke with laughing, “There is nothing I am not uncertain, get out now!”

Andrew nodded and replied, “Okay, then don’t beg me to come back later.”

Andrew took Emily’s hand, turned away and walked out.

Mark saw their leaving and said with a sigh,“Excuse me, there are so many interesting people in the world.”

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Miss Clark, please don’t leave. I will come down

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