Moon Warriors

Chapter 25 the Consequences of Looking Down on Others

"Kneel?" Mark was stunned for a moment.

Zack slapped Mark on the head and bellowed, "Kneel! I ask you to kneel down."

Mark didn't dare to say anything and just kneeled in front of Emily.

He pleaded, "I'm sorry, I have done it wrong. I misjudged the person.”

Andrew took the hand of the Emily who was in shock and said to Zack, "Let's go, Mr. Austin."

Emily didn't actually want anyone to kneel. She was angry just now, but not that much to let someone kneel.

Besides, how come Andrew asked him to kneel and he just did it?

Was she that important to the Fraser family?

Strictly speaking, it should be them who begged to the Fraser family to sign the contract. How could it be all reversed?

Emily couldn't figure it out, and she stopped thinking about it.

As Zack left, he whispered to Mark, "Don't ever think of getting up until they tell you to do so! Otherwise, you and I will both die."

Mark gave a crying expression. This time he was really snookered.

When they came to the lobby, the hospitality that was given by Zack to Emily and Andrew was very nice that he even served them with tea and water.

Evelyn watched everything all this while. She cautiously looked at these two people who rode an e-bike and she was shocked since then.

But everything had happened, so she had to face it. She came to Zack and asked, "Are you Mr. Austin?"

"Yes, I guess you are Miss Porter, right?" Zack asked.

The way when she talked to Zack was completely different from the way she treated Emily earlier.

"Yes, Mr. Austin, nice to meet you." She hurriedly extended her hand to shake Zack’s hand.

Zack introduced, "Oh, let me introduce to you, this is Miss Clark, SOUTHWESTERN’s business partner."

"All right, Mr. Austin, you can bring the contract for us

yes, yes!" Zack answered politely and

moment, Emily

could Andrew handle things so calmly? And that attitude was totally like

she stood in front of Emily with an embarrassing look and said, "I'm sorry, Miss Clark, I didn't mean it just

home, what should we eat?" Andrew's question

looked at Andrew with some consternation. She was still thinking about the matter that Mark knelt

Emily who was very confused, Andrew laughed, "After

you want to eat?" Emily asked in a

I'm okay with it." Both of them chatted intimately, completely ignored Evelyn who wanted

contract. Evelyn had not

the contents of the contract. If there is anything that you aren’t satisfied with, we

the side of SOUTHWESTERN, and Emily had no right

words made

contract. It was all advantageous to Emily. It could be

in her ear, "Take a look and see what needs to be changed, Mr. Austin will

Emily put down the contract and

anything that you are not


As long as Miss Clark is happy, it is important

again, completely in disbelief that what had

just need to sign here, and all our company's products

"There's nothing wrong with this contract, but I want

and said, "But, but Miss Porter is the most suitable candidate for our products,

there any problem?"

said, "No…no


she regretted. She wished that the time could go back to the scene just now when she just

they had signed the contract,

with, but she was upset with it. She said to Zack, "Mr. Austin, what's going on? How come you just follow what they said? We have a deal

helplessly, "Sorry,

me, right?"

me and the contract is not signed yet. Miss Porter, let me give you some advice,

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