Moon Warriors

Chapter 26 A Slap In The Face

Andrew laughed, "Weren't you the one who said you were going to give him a good beating? Isn't this better than beating him up?"

Emily hurriedly said, "No need. He didn't mean it either. Just teach him a lesson."

"Okay, hey, Mark, get lost!" Andrew shouted at Mark.

"Thanks, thanks." Mark nodded as if he had received an order, and then stood up from the ground.

The people around couldn't help but let out another murmur.

"Hey, he's up! Just now I thought he was dumb?"

"Look, he's going to Southwest Group. That's where Ray, the richest man in the Southwest, lives!"

"So who was that guy just now? He's so bossy. He told Mark to get up, and then Mark got up. That's incredible."

Andrew didn't care about the chatter. He grabbed Emily and left.

At the Martin family.

"Pah!" Brian slapped the table in anger and yelled, "What do you mean? Emily got blown out?"

"Yeah, Grandpa, she and Andrew went on a motorcycle. It's strange that they weren't blown out. I saw them both get blown out with my own eyes."

"Stupid, she's really stupid! How can they ride a motorcycle to sign such an important contract! Emily is trying to piss me off." Brian said while pounding the table heavily.

Who in the business world did not know that driving a luxury car to sign a contract was basically half of the success?

But Emily went by motorcycle. This was really too stupid.

"Grandpa, I think Emily is just arrogant and defiant. She thinks that because Mr. Fraser has agreed to sign a contract with her, so she doesn't put Mr. Fraser's dignity in her eyes. She rode a motorcycle to sign the contract, which is looking down on Mr. Fraser. Mr. Fraser invested so much money. At the very least, he has to invest in people he believes in. Now, the contract is all messed up by Emily."

the contract was not signed, does this mean that our family's

was so angry that he gritted his teeth. He wanted to rip Emily

was now facing a question of survival. If the contract was not signed, it would mean the death of the Martin

and tell her to come back right away." Brian scolded in

immediately took out his

time, Emily was wrapping her arms around Andrew's waist

Andrew, stop the

Emily took

smug voice came out on the other side of the phone, "Emily, Grandpa wants you to

must be hiding in a corner somewhere

be right back. “With that, Emily

"What's wrong?" Andrew asked.

called. He said Grandpa

nodded thoughtfully and reassured her,

nodded and

arrived at the entrance of the Martin family's

the car, they went straight to the Martin

found Eden, Haris, Brian, and Mario

face was very ugly. Seeing him like that, Emily was a little

did you go to sign the contract today?" Brian

moment and said, "I was. I went there by

angrily, and his hair bristled

what kind of person Ray is? He's the richest man in the Southwest, a nationally known entrepreneur. He invested in our D.K. Group, and that's our D.K. Group's luck. What about you? You rode a motorcycle to sign the contract. Isn't this a slap in the face of our D.K. Group? Even if you

said, "Then how am I going

the nail on the head. Emily didn’t have a car, only a motorcycle for commuting to

the room

one? Don't your two uncles have? If you had asked one of them to go with you, it wouldn't have been the situation it

even more confused. She

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