Moon Warriors

Chapter 27 Does Commander Stone Want to Marry My Granddaughter?

“Grandfather, you have a look. The Martin family not even becomes theirs. They have already given us a lesson.”

“Yak, father. They are too arrogant.”

“Bang!” Brian Martin slapped Mario Martin’s face. It caused him to feel dizzy.

“Shut up!” Brian stared and yelled at Mario.

“And you, Eden Martin. Both of you stop talking nonsense here! If you don’t want to stay in this house, get out now!”

Eden and Mario did not dare to speak anymore because they were depending on the Martin family. If they were chased out from the family, it meant that they would need to become beggars.

Brian put down the contract in his hands and muttered, “This contract is real.”

Brian was indeed happy to sign contract with SOUTHWESTERN but he also felt anxious as if there was a bone stuck in his heart because he only had forty nine percent of the company’s share.

Haris Martin was not scolded and he looked at Eden and Mario then asked, “Father, since this contract is real, does it mean that our collaboration with SOUTHWESTERN has started?”

Brian nodded.

Haris said, “Father, since the contract has been signed, why not we just give some money to Emily Clark and ask them to leave? We have already taken good care of them for these six months. We can deny about the matter of giving them the fifty one percent of share. “

“Yes, father. What Eden said makes sense. We only promise them verbally without any written contract. Since this contract has been signed and if we give them the share, the Martin family will be owned by the Clark family soon.”

“Do you think that I never thought of it before? However, this contract is flawless! Have a look for yourselves.” Brian sighed helplessly.

Eden and Haris walked forward and looked at the contract.

In the contract, it was clearly stated that it only acknowledged the company that Emily had more than fifty one percent of share. If not, they would withdraw their investments.

This was a clause that put the Martin family in despair.

Before walking out from the meeting room, Brian yelled firmly, “From today onwards, everyone will need to cooperate with Emily to deal with all the D.K. Group’s affairs. If anyone resists, I will punish them strictly.”

“Mario, your car is confiscated. Starting from tomorrow, you come to work in the company.”

After finished talking, Brian strode out from the meeting room.

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Fraser since he is a polite man from what I have heard of. Since we are chosen by him, they will definitely show their respect to us. They aren’t afraid of us but just scared that they may not complete the tasks given by Ray

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