Moon Warriors

Chapter 28 Drag Him Down And Kill Him!

“Sorry, I’m married!” Andrew refused Ray politely.

Ray’s face showed a hint of disappointment as he really wanted to make an engagement with him.

Such a character was not someone who was ordinary could get along, yet, he secretly felt sorry for Rose Fraser.

“I will definitely pay a visit to your wife next time if there is a chance!”

Just then, two men in black while holding daggers suddenly broke in and ran towards Andrew to kill him.

The men in black moved swiftly and it looked like they had practiced. Yet, they almost killed Andrew before Phoenix Morgan could react. When they were about successful, Andrew raised his head suddenly and there was a powerful air wall blocking them. The men in black looked serious immediately as they were being controlled and couldn’t get closer.

“How dare you assassinate Commander Stone? Phoenix shouted angrily then lifted the two men up in the air with one hand.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Rose rushed in from outside immediately.

“That …That is our own person.” She shouted in panic.

Phoenix glared at Rose angrily and his domineering aura was like a beast.

“Commander Stone, my granddaughter is really young and ignorant. Please don’t take offense, Commander-in-Chief.” Ray looked at Andrew nervously and apologized repeatedly.

“Rose, what are you doing? Hurry up and apologize to the Commander-in-Chief!”

Rose was a martial artist and she saw what had just happened, it was Qi, which was the internal force.

Such a strong and powerful internal force was definitely not something that an ordinary person could possess.

Her master once said that someone who could build a wall with Qi was definitely at the grand master level.

What was a grand master?

A grand master was the existence of the founding faction such as the grand master Zhang Sanfeng.

Andrew’s power was too strong.

the Commander-in-Chief at such a young age

and asked while he

enemies in battle who were hundred times stronger than such bodyguards, so

“I…I believe!”

them go! This is just a

threw the two aside after receiving the

subordinate deserves

“It’s alright, sit down!”

my granddaughter is really too

interrupted Ray before a deadly aura spreading around. He looked serious and said, “Come out! Since you are here, why are

Ray and Rose confused, did it

up and looked around, but they didn’t see

man in black came in from

thirties but his pair of white eyebrow

Stone?” The man with white eyebrows asked

answer him

He pulled out two short knives after finishing his word. Obviously, the man was sent

understanding, then he said, “Those who speak out

shouting. The opponent moved very fast that it made Phoenix difficult to defeat him down as he was the practical type

what should

on the table

spoke, and for him, killing someone was as simple as eating a

who sent me here?” The white-browed man

Who else except that the Turner’s

white-browed man out, Andrew then said to Ray, “Sir, as you have seen, it’s not that I

said, “If it is dangerous to be with the Commander-in-Chief, then there would be no safe

smiled faintly and didn’t say

the way, Commander-in-Chief, do you know who sent

violently and followed by a

up and pulled

forward and said,

of Ray after saying then lifted his hand to touch his chest which was beating up and down

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