Moon Warriors

Chapter 30 A VIP Bank Card with One Billion e

After seeing Rosa Martin leave.

Emily Clark said to Andrew Stone, "Let's go!"

"Okay!" Andrew nodded.

They rode their e-bike and set off. Andrew asked faintly, "Are you nervous?"

Emily shook her head and said, "I don't know why, but I don't feel so nervous when you’re around."

"That’s okay! You have to face it sooner or later. D.K. Group is just the beginning." Andrew's words were spoken, but Emily didn't hear them because of the strong wind.

In a few moments, Emily felt that something was wrong, and she asked, "Andrew, aren't we going to the company? Why are we coming here?"

"Before going to the company, firstly we have to buy a car. You’re now also the chairman of the board, status can’t be degraded." After saying the words, they came directly to the Mercedes-Benz 4S store.

After parking their e-bike, Andrew took Emily's hand and walked directly into the 4S store.

Just walked into the store, Emily pulled Andrew's arm and said, "Andrew, let's get out of here. This is a Mercedes-Benz store. I have no money to buy for it."

Andrew said slowly, "It's okay, I'll buy it for you."

Once Andrew said this, Emily didn't believe it.

Andrew was only a waiter. If he had the money to buy a Mercedes-Benz, he won’t live like now.

Meanwhile, a tall, sexy and beautiful saleswoman who was wearing black silk approached.

"Are you both looking for a car? Is this gentleman driving? Islady driving?"

"My wife will be the one who drives! Please recommend a suitable car for her." Andrew said straight to the point.

The saleswoman evaluated Andrew and Emily from head to feet. In her mind, these two people didn’t look like any rich people, and they came here by e-bike just now. They said they wanted to buy a car, but maybe they didn't really mean to buy it.

So, she randomly pointed to the Mercedes-Benz A-class and said, "This car is more suitable for women to drive as it is compact. There is a special offer for the lower trim level, and you can drive the car away with a down payment of 80,000 Yuan."

80,000 Yuan! Emily's bank card didn't even have 10,000 Yuan in it, so how could she get 80,000 Yuan?

match my wife's status. It's too

thinking that if he couldn't afford then he should say so,

there were too many people who

and said, "This car

stunned. It looked like this person didn’t know anything

a car without knowing the price in advance. So she smiled and said, "Sir, this car is more than a million. Even if you want to do a down payment, it needs at least 400,000 Yuan to do so.

than 20,000 Yuan, almost 30,000 Yuan. With

scared Emily and she was completely afraid to

was so unreliable. If he wanted to show off, he should find a suitable

I said, those cars don't match my wife's status, so let's take this one. It's not really good, but still can use for a

took Andrew's arm and said, "Andrew, we don't have

the saleswoman saw this scene, she couldn't help but laugh, "Sir, are

nodded his head

of 100,000 Yuan first!" The saleswoman looked at Andrew with a smirk. She just wanted to get rid of this kind of

the deposit, I'll drive away now! Hurry up, please go to swipe this card, the password is 950223, my wife's birthday." said Andrew while took out a black card and handed it to the

the saleswoman saw the black card, her face

kind of card was unlike the ordinary cards. It was said to be a bank card

and stretched out

the checkout clerk, "Oh my God, I've

and said, "Black

the card and said, "Last time a customer told me that this kind of black card is called VIP bank card, which can

billion!" This fact made the two young

billion, this definitely must be someone

girlfriend." The waiter asked with an excited

a Mercedes-Benz S-class for his wife. Swipe the card

the card and the machine

jaw dropped again. He was really a rich

are some people who we can’t judge whether they are rich

forget about it!" Emily

his head and said, "The card has been swiped. Do you still want to

while, but she never thought about

and said, "Don't worry. The car does not even match with

wife, this car was

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