Moon Warriors

Chapter 31 Rosa Martin Was Bullied

"We haven’t been hanging out together for a long time. The last time the three of us went to shopping together, it was more than six months ago. I thought that we wouldn't get together again, who knows that we'd come together again."

"Yes. Since something happened with Mrs. Martin’s family, we rarely go for shopping. Recalled the moments that we agreed to go for shopping every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It's been more than half a year since we went out together!"

The people who were talking were two charming women. Although they were already in their forties, they were very well-maintained and looked like thirty years old. Rosa and the two women were good friends. Since Rosa's family had an accident, they hadn’t sought for Rosa.

First, they were afraid that Rosa would borrow money from them. Second, they scared that they would be downgraded if they went out with Rosa.

Rosa used to be the one they always praised, but now everything was different.

“Rosa, your daughter is really outstanding, to be able to cooperate with Mr. Fraser, the richest man in the Southwest Region. It is enviable.

“This is called as a wise goose never lays a tame egg.”

Both of them complimented Emily, then Rosa said modestly, "Sophia, Alana, both of you are too kind."

"Hey! By the way, Rosa, the emerald jade on your neck is beautiful, it must be several million." Sophia said as she looked at the emerald jade around Rosa’s neck.

Rosa said, “This is a gift from my son-in-law.”

“Your son-in-law is so nice. At first, he was even said by the K City citizens as a live-in son-in-law.”

They chatted and walked to the entrance of Jade Pavilion, a famous jewelry shop in K City. It was not as big as Archibald Elliott’s Dorsett Jewelry Store, but it’s still considered a well-known brand in K City. A product sold was at least several tens of thousands.

“Let’s go in and take a look. I feel my bracelet is a little outdated.

Three of them walked into the Jade Pavilion, Alana and Sophia were looking at those products happily.

While Rosa just took a look on those products, even though she liked it, she dared not say it.

much money

and asked, “Madam, can you please take off

asked incredulously, “Why do

have a look? I think that

Sophia and Alana both came over. Rosa smiled

a while, he came to ask Rosa while holding the emerald jade, “Madam, may I ask

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“It was given to me by

may I ask where did your son-in-law buy it?” The sales manager

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okay. Please wait a moment. I’ll call our boss to come.” The sales manager held the emerald

going on?” Sophia

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Henderson came. He had several hundred million Yuan of estate. He had a prosperous man look and he was

he said, “Yes, this is the one. No matter the purity or the quality, it’s the

this yours?” Ellie was holding the

nodded her head and said, “Yes, my son-in-law gave it to me. Is there any

Ellie said coldly, “Do you know that how much

for a moment and said,

thousand!” Ellie muttered

buy this emerald jade.”

what do you mean by that?” Rosa asked

piece of emerald jade which is the same as this one. Do you think that


10 million Yuan, then Andrew

others to remind her.

get the 10 million Yuan. If he really had 10 million Yuan, would he still be staying in that small

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