Moon Warriors

Chapter 32 He’s Here!

After those words had been said, the higher-ups of the company could not stand it anymore. Each and every one of them were staring at Emily with an odd expression while discussing among themselves.

Emily was also shocked as she frowned and asked, “Mario, do you have a problem? When did I misused the company’s money?”

“Eh, you really think I don't know that you had misused the company’s money, right?” Mario said with a confident face.

Brian’s expression was grim as he looked at Mario and said, “Why did you said that Emily had misused the company's money? If you keep talking nonsense like this, I will throw you out of the Martin family.”

Mario grunted and said, “If I am really talking nonsense, then just throw me out of the Martin family. Grandpa, Emily bought a Mercedes S-class car, the selling price is more than one million yuan. After going through the buying procedure, it will cost about one million and one hundred thousand yuan. Let’s just ask the question, where did Emily get so much money to buy this luxury car that cost more than one million yuan.”

As soon as Brian heard about the luxury car that cost more than one million yuan, his expression immediately changed.

They had a total of four cars in the Martin family, and the total cost of all the cars added together were also not over a million yuan.

“Did you really buy a car?” Brian asked.

Emily frowned and nodded, “Yes, but I didn't buy it with the company's money. It was given to me by Andrew.”

“Hahahaha!” Mario could not hold back his laughter, “Andrew? That useless stay-home son-in-law? All this time, the Martin family was the one who provided him food and shelter, do you think he has the money to buy that car for you? I am sure that you are misusing the company's money.”

“Mario, you are going to be responsible for all the nonsense you had just said. Did you see me misusing the company’s money with your own eyes?” Emily stood up and defiantly argued.

“There is no need to witness it. That luxurious car cost more than a million yuan, besides using the company's money, where can you get that amount from? Your salary is only three thousand five hundred yuan a month. Wanting to buy a car that cost a million yuan, it is more difficult than reaching the sky.”

Emily nodded repeatedly and said, “Fine, if you think I have misused the company's money, then go and check the accounts. Tristan, go ahead, check if the company is missing one million yuan.”

Tristan, who was the director of the company's finance department, let out a shout while blinking his eyes. He was somewhat disbelieving that Emily had called him by his name.

Brian slammed the table and yelled, “That's enough!”

He knew clearly that Emily would not do such a thing, and had no reason to do that. All of this was done by Mario to make Emily looked bad. As a summary, Mario hated Emily, he hated her so much that he was not thinking clearly.

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