Moon Warriors

Chapter 33 Bluffing?

“Are you alright, mom? Did they hit you?” Emily rushed up and asked her mother concernedly.

As if she had found safe harbor, Rosa began to cry out the tears she had fought to hold back.

She slightly shook her head and said, “I’m alright.”

Emily felt a sting in her heart when she saw her mother’s tears. She glanced at Ellie and asked, “Just what are you doing? What did my mother do? Why do you have to torment her?”

Emily could endure hardships to get by living with the Martin family, but she couldn’t tolerate anyone mistreating her mother.

At a glance, the pig-headed Ellie was bullying Rosa.

Ellie snorted and snapped back, “Don’t talk to me that way. Why don’t you first ask what did your mother do!”

Emily looked at Ellie’s expression and said, “Ms. Henderson, my mother was a frequent customer as well. What, just because our family’s not doing so well now, you get to bully and look down on my mother?”

Ellie exploded in anger, “What do you mean, how am I the one bullying her now? How dare you make accusations at me? Just who do you think you are? Go ahead and ask your mother how to deal with this jade!”

Emily looked at the jade piece; didn’t Andrew give it to Rosa as a gift?

Puzzled, Emily turned to her mother, “Mom, what’s going on?”

From just one look, Andrew quickly recognized the jade was the same one he gave Rosa.

Rosa reiterated everything that just happened. After hearing the entire story, Emily was left in shock as well.

Ten million! If the jade was worth this much, there’s no way Andrew could afford it.

But she didn’t believe that Andrew would have stolen it.

“Andrew, what’s going on?” Emily looked at him.

Ellie chuckled and said with a scowl, “Isn’t it obvious? Andrew, you stole this, didn’t you?”

Ellie, but he looked at Emily and

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“Rosa, you have to trust me, I didn’t steal this jade. As for those that try to bully you, don’t worry, I’m sure they get what’s

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now, and no one has ever dared to speak about her that way right in front of her face. Not even the most affluent family of K City, the Turner

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Rosa, even Emily couldn’t believe

there’s one thing I must correct you. There’s no way you could buy this for ten million; it’s

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it’s nothing more than a farce. I happen to know Archibald. If he did give it to you as a present, then I’ll call him

she finished speaking, she picked up her cell and browsed for

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dissuade him, “Andrew,

leave it to me.” Andrew beamed

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