Moon Warriors

Chapter 34 The God of War Got Angry!

After getting off the car, Archibald reached out to shake hands with Ellie and asked, “How is the business these days, Mr. Henderson?”

Ellie laughed, “Thanks to Mr. Elliott, the business is all well!”

He told Archibald about what had happened again, Archibald replied, “Is there such a thing? I'd like to see who dares to steal things from Mr. Henderson, and that person even said I'm the one who gave the gift to him?”

As Archibald talked, he walked into Jade Pavilion. Many people began looking forward to what would happen next.

After entering the shop, Ellie pointed to Andrew and said, “He is that person. This young man said that you gave him the jewelry. He definitely stole the emerald jade from me but he was daring enough to say that the emerald jade was from you.”

Ellie pointed at Andrew confidently, “Mr. Elliott, do you know him?”

As soon as Archibald saw Andrew, he could feel as if the air that was surrounding him had solidified. He never thought that this person would be Andrew, a man who made the foreign terrorist organizations tremble when they heard his name!

He raised his hand and slapped Ellie in the face. He scolded angrily, “Open your filthy eyes and see clearly. He is my life savior!”

As soon as Archibald’s words came out, everyone who was in the scene was puzzled.

Sophia and Alana looked at each other, both their faces were gloomy.

This is too unbelievable. Archibald slapped Ellie, the boss of Jade Pavilion in the face for a young man in his twenties.

Rosa and Emily were stunned too. They were completely shocked. How did Andrew become Archibald’s life savior? How many things did this son-in-law hide from them!

Benefactor, I’m really sorry, I have misjudged you.” Archibald’s voice sounded like

said lightly, “It’s alright, Mr. Elliott!” He continued, “In fact, Ellie Henderson asked you to come is to ask

in Jade Pavilion。 He came in front of Ellie and

like this one a while ago, if I had known that this jade

tell you just now? You’re

looks exactly the same?” Archibald snorted in anger, “You dare to say your jade is the same as mine? Do you know how I got this

it couldn't be compared with Dorsett

me that you don't know about jade. Does any of the jade in your

said, “Yes, my products can't be

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we lost a while ago

words, the sales manager knelt on the ground and

now, Mr. Archibald has already taught me a lesson.

them nervously and said, “This is your jade. It’s really the fault our fault for

in line with his cunning style. If he would have admitted his fault, how could he do his business in the future? Now he only had to find someone to admit the fault and took all the blame,

use such

the Seven League, the God of War of H Country!

of person was nothing. Would he care about the pride of this kind

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