Moon Warriors

Chapter 35 Do You Want to Die?

Ellie Henderson was totally dumbfounded.

He thought that it would be passed after Archibald Elliott said something good on it but he didn’t expect that Andrew Stone didn’t take it at all.

He could just ignore words from Archibald! What kind of character was him?

Ellie’s palms and soles began sweating, he panicked and started to feel frightened.

Archibald opened his mouth and dare not to say a word. He had seen Andrew slaughtered people coldly with his own eyes so he knew that Andrew was not kidding, he did have the power to let Ellie disappear.

Not only Ellie, even he himself, Archibald would disappear forever if Andrew wished to make it be!

Archibald wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, “Yes, you are right, my benefactor, I am too ignorant!”

Just as he finished his words, he turned his face and said, “Mr. Henderson, have you heard that?”

Ellie Henderson saw that and he knew that he had no other ways but to kneel down. Even Archibald dare not to speak a word in front of Andrew, he surely didn’t want to be Andrew’s enemy.

If he continued wishing to save his face, he dare not to think what would happen next.

Thus, he gritted his teeth and thumped his knees to the floor, holding the emerald in front of Rosa Martin with both of his hands.

He spoke in tremble, “Mrs. Clark, this is your emerald. I am the villain who is brainless. Please forgive me.”

Rosa Martin looked at Andrew in shock as if seeking his consent.

Rosa only dared to take the emerald after Andrew nodded.

Seeing that Rosa had already taken the emerald, Andrew spoke, “Ms. Martin, Emily, let's go!”

He didn’t show any face to anyone at all and it seemed that none of these people could reached the level to be seen by him.

The crowd of onlookers watched Ellie kneeling down to a young man in his store and they were so shocked to see that scene.

they were far away, Ellie

helplessly, “Mr. Elliot, what

honor to reach the scene of Andrew and Emily’s wedding ceremony which

head and spoke deliberately, “I have no ideas how to explain it to you but anyway, he is the person who stands on battlefield. Foreign

“Oh, then, should I send him some

waved his hand and said, “No need, if he really took it seriously on you, you should have

pale face and

In the car.

after getting in the car she didn't say a word. Rosa Martin was same as her, she was completely astonished by Andrew’s expression just

them were sitting


like she had just awakened from a dream. She swallowed her

I want to ask

would ask that so he said faintly, “You

sat next to him and asked, “What is your real identity? Why does the boss of Dorsett Jewelry Store talk to you so politely? Also, Zack Austin, the person in charge for the Southwestern Enterprise is afraid of you when signing contracts, right? Is it because of your relationship so that I am can sign the

was a bit suspicious

with me on the part of Ray Fraser there but Phoenix Morgan has stayed with me in the same area before, maybe he is the reason. For Archibald Elliot, he was kidnapped by

Andrew’s clarification, Emily’s suspicion

was really due to Phoenix Morgan, they did that is because they

saved Archibald so he requited Andrew. It sounded right on the

really didn’t lie to me?”

and said, “Yes, how would it be possible

was talking, he held her hand of a sudden. Emily’s whole body was just like contacting with electric current,

up and be ready to leave, but just as she walked a few steps, she thought of the matter that Andrew bought car. Thus, she asked, “Then, where did your money

friend gave me!”

did you have such wealthy and generous friend who gives

words, she relieved her

morning, Andrew was disappeared

Andrew was just

my friend is having wedding ceremony today, could you go with

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