Moon Warriors

Chapter 36 Aleeza Lawrence!

His body was half blocked in front of Emily. Now, he would not allow anyone to speak anything about the Clark family in front of Emily. He won’t even allow anyone to have the thought of bully her as well!

“Oh, it’s so amazing that someone has a well-behaved dog. It’s not that bad, at least he can protect the master.” Isabel was being sarcastic at Andrew. She looked down on him and never paid attention to him since they were at school.

“That’s enough, Clark. Let’s go in quickly.” Mary hurriedly came over to mediate.

She just arrived. When she saw the scene, she quickly came to dissuade. In fact, she was on Isabel’s side. About Andrew’s identity, she could not guess it. In the nutshell, he was not someone that could be messed around.

Isabel snorted and said, “Just wait and see how I’m going to get rid of you.”

“Isabel, should I ask someone to get rid of that Andrew?” Jackson stared at Isabel and asked her.

She replied, “There’s no need, I do not care about such small character.”

She entered the T.Y. International Hotel after she finished talking.

At this time, the hotel was already decorated with lanterns and colored banners and many people were there too.

After Mary pulled Emily to the hotel, she looked at Andrew subconsciously. Every time when she looked at Andrew, she realized that he was staring at her. She smiled awkwardly and said, “Andrew, I’m really sorry about what happened on the other day. I...”

“Mary, can you come with me for a while?” Andrew asked bluntly.

“Ah!” Without waiting for her to react, Andrew grabbed her arm and walked to the direction of the toilet.

“What are you guys doing?” Emily was upset when she saw Andrew drag her best friend to the toilet in front of her. Anybody who encountered such thing would not feel good as well and not to mention, there were so many people watching them.

This Andrew was so unreliable when handling matters. She would not bring him to come here if she knew about it.

She was so angry that she stomped her feet.

to the doorway of the toilet before he let her go. Mary was leaning against

was a good-looking woman with a

heart was pumping very fast and she looked at Andrew in

think you know what to do,

know.” Mary was so



Mary was still standing at where

you here alone? Where did your dog go with Mary?” When Isabel saw Emily who was alone, she continued mocking at her as soon

“Does it matter with

have the same kind of dress that you’re wearing. I

eighty thousands Yuan. If she can take out twenty eight thousands

said these words. Her dress was indeed counterfeit but it also costed her nine hundreds Yuan. In fact, she really did

anymore. She turned around

single grasp, the pendant on Emily’s

bloody red jade.” Isabel

surprise attracted many people’s attentions. Everyone noticed the rare bloody

she quickly kept the red jade that

not in the mood to bother

the mood but I do.” Isabel continued to

the bloody red jade on your neck? Do you know how much

much about jewelries. She just knew that jewelries were expensive and some were even priceless. Just like the white jade during the Warring States Period, this piece of jade was a priceless treasure that it could be exchanged with ten cities

she said confidently, “If you don’t know, I’ll tell you about

pieces in this world. One of the pieces was taken by the queen of Country Y and another piece was kept in the world museum. The word richest man paid 100 million Euros to buy it as his wife’s birthday gift. While for the last piece, it was said that it was buried in the

around her neck. The bloody red jade was

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