Mr. CEO, You're Just A Substitute

Chapter 183 It seems Filip is really enlightened

The film is not horrible, the beginning is not bad, after the middle began to fall apart, she watched with interest, not to the end of some of the watch.

Starry put the fruit plate in his hand on the table, got up and went into the kitchen.

She skillfully put the load inside the plate and prepared to do it.

Filip sat at the couch for a while, and when he saw that Starry had not returned, he moved his eyebrows and also got up and walked to the kitchen door.

Inside the kitchen, Starry was adjusting the sweetness, he did not go in to disturb her.

The light poured down from the top, Starry slightly sideways, back in the light inside, side face now dark, pulled up hair down, with her movements occasionally elasmobranch curled, like a wind, straight gathered his heart.

He remembered his childhood, those times that he had to admit but were really warm and happy.

But then after his parents' accident left him alone, he gradually sealed up all those memories.

It seems that at this time, he understands what it means to "belong".

He did not go up to disturb such a peaceful picture, but instead turned away from the kitchen door and walked out to the balcony.

Take a cigarette out, subconsciously want to light up, after seeing the light inside the living room, his index finger moved slightly, Filip pressed the cigarette back into the cigarette case.

The dessert is not difficult to make, Starry has done a lot of, skilled and fast, but more than 40 minutes to get all the dessert in the box.

The homemade ones can't be kept for too long, Starry packed four boxes each, a total of eight boxes, intending to give Filip half to take away, leaving her own as breakfast, and then send a box to Izabella.

She divided it up, put it in a bag, and took it to the table to hand out.

When I went out, I found that Filip was not in the living room, the movie had finished playing and the TV was sleeping.

Starry thought Filip had gone to the bathroom, so she went into the kitchen to wash her hands once and came out to find Filip still not out.

Is it

about it, Starry couldn't help but frown

Just as she goes to the couch and gets her cell phone, ready to call Filip, Filip also comes in

man was drenched in a few cool air, and once he came in, the cool air

Starry raised

Saying that, she looked at the time

the dining room table, where several


took two bags of snacks and handed them to Filip : "It's late, Frances should have gone to bed, you give them to

are high in sugar, which is very unfriendly to old Mrs. Pearson who

are controlled sugar, old Mrs. Pearson occasionally greedy


didn't say anything else, Martha had been with old Mrs. Pearson for over twenty years, so

took the snack and heard Starry's words

"Mind if I

does want Filip to go, she has limited patience,

Anyone who is smart can hear the meaning of her words, and she believes

the first time Filip put up with it, Starry does

heard him say this, she was a little surprised: "Don't you ...... not like to

doesn't like dessert, any less sweetness, he

"Want to

the face of Starry's

and brought out the

snacks, still warm, were just brought out and the fragrance was

placed the plate in front of him and

This time, she gave Filip

down at the table and glanced at Starry: "Go rest, I'll be

to deal with him anymore, and she's not a person

your stuff when you're done eating, I'll

saying that, she really turned

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