Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 48: Didn’t You Say That Everyone Likes You?

Sherry then ended the call.

Looking at her phone, Stella moved her lips trying to say something, yet felt extremely helpless.

She wasn’t afraid that Liam would propose to Sherry now. According to his way of doing things, Sherry had given him numerous blatant hints before, but he pretended not to get them and found many excuses. Apparently, he wanted to be with Sherry while flirting with that woman at the same time.

Therefore, to avoid being responsible for Sherry, he would definitely not propose to her.

But Stella didn’t know how to tell Sherry about Liam’s cheating.

As expected, Sherry sent her a message half an hour later, seeming to be so upset: [I guessed it wrong. He didn’t propose to me and simply gift me a bag.]

Stella recalled that Liam bought two bags in the store today and felt so angry.

She keyed some words in a fuming, yet deleted them at the next second.

She repeated this again and again.

Sherry again: [Looks like I can’t be so anxious. Alas, just let it be. Liam asked me to come back to his home together with him next month. I think they will negotiate about our marriage. By the way, wait a minute, I think


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bridesmaid later. You will be the most

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a marriage? Clarence, that bastard, he has the best wife in the world

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minutes later, Stella’s phone rang

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