Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 51: Something Is Probably Wrong

Stella went back to the private box and was about to enter. She heard a gentle voice behind. “Hi, Stella?”

Her hand on the doorknob paused. After a few seconds, she turned around.

Horace didn’t expect that it was her indeed. He walked up to her and said, “Stella, why are you here? I thought I’ve mistaken another girl like you.”

Stella greeted him calmly like an old friend, “I’m having a gathering with my friends here. How about you?”

Just now, Annie showed up like a lunatic. Stella should have known that Horace was here as well.

“I’m here with my friends, too. Is your gathering ending soon? If so, shall we...”

Before Horace could finish his words, the door of the private box behind him was opened.

When Liam saw Horace, he was in a daze. After a moment, he came back to his senses and asked, “Is this Horace?”

Horace withdrew his gaze on Stella, nodding at Liam politely in response.

Liam had been in love with Sherry since they were still in college, and he had met Horace before. They were not close, though.

“Jesus! It’s been so long.” Liam put his arm on Horace’s shoulders. “What a coincidence! Come on in. Let’s have a talk.”

Stella was about to refuse Horace, but the latter smiled at her and walked into their private box together with Liam.

In the box, Liam introduced Horace to other friends. “Hey, guys! This is my buddy in the college. He used to be the campus hunk of our grade back then.”

Upon hearing that, a group of people gathered around them, proposing toasts.

Suddenly, one of them looked over at Horace and asked in hesitation, “Excuse me. Are you Mr. Jason from the Jason family?”

Horace nodded to confirm. “Nice to meet you.”

Upon hearing his words, others around him, including Liam, started to get confused, raising an uproar.

was from a rich family, but much

met you from afar at an event long ago. Just now I thought I’ve mistaken another man for you. I didn’t expect that

his words, all others looked at Liam in either envy

but he and the son from the Jason family

quite uneasy, afraid that Horace would tell them that

smiled and said, “Liam and I have known

walked to Stella. Looking at Horace, who was surrounded by a group of people like the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars, she asked in confusion,

“I just met

Horace is good-tempered.

her words, but a name flashed through their minds

so difficult to

fuss at the door first. Just now, she came to speak something weird to me.

to her senses. Thinking about her purpose to be here, she said after thinking for a moment, “By the way, Sherry, I sensed something wrong

matter how bold he is, he won’t have the guts to cheat on me. Besides, that woman had nothing but just a big

love for

altered. After speaking with others for a moment, he took Horace over. Nervously, he pulled Sherry into his arms and said with a smile, “We haven’t met each other for so

many friends over.

a while. If they still want to stay, they can continue staying here. I


are all friends. They won’t mind.

cast a casual glance at Stella.


I need to

also echoed, “Let me drive you home. I want to get

at Liam as a farewell, he followed

at their receding figures, Liam subconsciously clenched his

and asked, “Wait, Stella.

was taken aback. After a moment, she understood what he meant. “Not

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