Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 58: They Are Fighting

Twilight Club.

When Vincent stepped into the box, he saw Clarence sitting there, drinking. The box was extremely quiet.

He walked to sit opposite Clarence, pouring a glass of wine for himself. “Hey, dude. What happened?”

Clarence didn’t answer.

Sensitively, Vincent saw the wound at the corner of his mouth. He clicked his tongue. He knew what happened without getting Clarence’s answer.

After drinking for a while in silence, Vincent asked, “Is it so difficult for you to admit that you like her?”

Clarence paused his hand that was holding a goblet. He looked up at Vincent coldly, “Pardon me?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter what I said. It matters what you are thinking. You always said that you dislike your wife, but all things you’ve done declared that you like her a lot.”


“Then why did you ask someone to keep an eye on Horace Jason?”

After a while, Clarence said in a flat tone, “She tried her best to divorce me just because she wanted to marry into the Jason family. Do you think I would give her such a chance?”

Vincent was speechless.

He knew that he could never wake up someone who was pretending to sleep.


Since Annie went back to the Conrads' Mansion, she started smashing things in her room. Everything that could be smashed was broken.

The servant was standing at the door and didn’t have the guts to calm her down. Then she went to find Joanna.

Upon hearing it, Joanna couldn’t help frowning. “Who pissed her off again?”

“I don’t know, Mrs. Conrad. Miss Conrad is so angry since she came back.”

Joanna asked, “Has Dempsey come back?”

“Not yet.”

up and said, “I’ll go check on her. Call

years. Her original surname wasn’t Conrad, and Dempsey had become less and less patient with her. If it weren’t for the marriage for convenience with the Jason family, Dempsey

the door of Annie’s room, she

when seeing Joanna. She said in an extremely

me what happened

went to meet Horace today, but that


stammered. “Well... Clarence didn’t

you truly willing to listen to him and hide it

Joanna, please.” Annie bit her lower lip. “It’s

frowned. “How could

been pestering Horace. I don’t know what Clarence is doing.

sneered and said, “They

“Aunt Joanna...”

interrupted her, “Annie, you are not young anymore. You should pay attention to your temper. If you marry into the Jason family

up. “Aunt Joanna, would you like to help me on this

mind the things that you don’t need

“Thank you, Aunt Joanna!”

to the servants outside, “Hurry up and

a step, she saw Justin at the corner. He asked gently, “Mom,

current situation, even if I didn’t want her to marry into that family, do you think

Clarence be in charge of Conrad Group. I’ll find a

puppet who only listens to him. You shouldn’t care that

helpless. “Mom, no

“Who does he think he

heaved a

Justin, go back to your room and


a water glass in her hands. From time

came back to her senses. She asked,

any headache after drinking the hangover

about something. Then

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