Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 63: To Celebrate His Last-place in Every Exam?

Hence, if Stella wanted them to believe that Joanna was her ex-husband’s mother, her coworkers would rather believe that it was the official wife who came to teach Stella, the mistress, a lesson.

Stella parted her lips, thinking that it would be useless for her to explain. Then she decided to just let it be.

She couldn’t stop Clarence from talking, let alone hundreds of her coworkers.

After leaving SG Jewelry, Stella went to Conrad Group directly. She wanted to pass the envelope to Clarence. No matter what a farce their Conrad family would like to make, she didn’t want to get involved at all.

When Stella arrived, she found that the receptionists in Conrad Group were changed. After she filled in the registration form, one receptionist said, “Excuse me, Ma’am. A few days ago, Mr. Conrad said he wouldn’t meet any designer from SG Jewelry Magazine.”

Stella realized that the wretched man was getting more and more short-tempered.

She pressed her lips and took out the envelope. “Could you please pass this to him for me?”

The receptionist said, “I’m sorry. I can’t take any gift for Mr. Conrad.”

“This isn’t a gift. It’s...”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. It’s our company rule. I can do nothing.”

Stella could only put the envelope back into her bag. “Okay. Thank you all the same.”

She could only leave with such trouble.


In the CEO’s office of the Conrad Group…

Nathan knocked at the door and walked in. “Excuse me, Mr. Conrad. I’ve prepared the birthday gift for Mrs. Joanna Conrad. Would you like to take a look, please?”

Without raising his head, Clarence answered, “No.”

“Okay,” Nathan answered.

stood at the spot and wanted to

up at him slightly.

a sneaking man on the second

if he was asking why Nathan would be useful if he had to deal with such a trifle

and continued, “It’s Mrs. Conrad’s

expression didn’t change. His tone became cold.

the cold sweat ooze on his back, wondering what Clarence was thinking about.

her father have anything do with me? After catching someone suspicious, you should take him to the police station. Should I teach you such a

Mr. Conrad. I’ll

Nathan felt as if he had got in and out of

to offend Mr. Conrad, who seemed to be so

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phone rang. He swiped to answer and heard Vincent’s voice. “Dude,


“Twilight Club.”


Clarence arrived at the box, a group of men was opening a bottle of champagne for celebrating. He sat on the sofa with his long legs across.

of the Lewis family

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flute in hand. With a bright smile, he said, “Mr. Conrad, I

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“Hey, Antonio, I heard that your son is

family was nouveau riche, and none of their family members was well-educated. They were always mocked by the upper-class. However, Antonio only had one son. No matter how bad his exam results were, they couldn’t do anything. They couldn’t send him back to his mother’s belly and let him be born again,

declared that his son had got admission to enter the nationwide number one university. He also invited so many people

the invitation. He didn’t want to come here alone to listen to others flatters,

but he didn’t disappoint me this time. Finally, he didn’t disgrace our

the world with a single brilliant

an eye on him and educate him myself. Otherwise,

they were flattering each other, Clarence cast a cold glance

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