Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 65: Killing Him at the Sore Spot

Stella pressed her lips and didn’t answer.

She couldn’t understand it indeed, but she wasn’t in the mood to care about the Conrads’ family business.

Justin added, “I guess Clarence hasn’t told you something before. He’s just my half-brother from a different mother.”

Stella was startled, losing her tongue for a moment.

“Clarence is my father’s illegitimate son.” Justin operated the wheelchair to turn around and said calmly, “When I was ten, I had a car accident, and I couldn’t stand up again. The Conrad family needs a successor, so my father took Clarence in. He was only seven at that time. My mother always thought that Clarence has snatched something that should originally belong to me. Hence, she disfavors Clarence a lot.”

As he spoke, Justin smiled. “Clarence shouldn’t be blamed for my car accident, but my mother went too extreme. All I could do was to make them get along. Additionally, after Clarence became the CEO of Conrad Group, the company developed rapidly. Now even my father started to be afraid of him. They are so eager to let Annie marry Horace Jason because they wanted to borrow the power from the Jason family so that they could transfer the shares from Clarence’s hands.”

Although Justin didn’t tell her anything too straightforwardly, Stella understood something. Clarence was an illegitimate child of the Conrad family and he didn’t have a good life in this family. On the surface, he was the powerful CEO of Conrad Group, but in fact, his father was afraid that he would be out of control and aimed to get someone else to replace him.

Suddenly, Stella understood why Clarence’s parents would let her marry into their family no matter how much Clarence was against it.

What they truly wanted was the baby in her belly.

Stella subconsciously put her hand on her belly, cold sweat oozing on her back in fear.

No wonder that Clarence wasn’t willing to have the baby. If the Conrad family knew that she was pregnant, Stella believed that they would try every possible means to...

Justin added, “I watched Clarence grow up. Although he looks aloof and has a sharp tongue, he isn’t so scheming and ruthless as other men in this circle. In such a place where others might skin him alive, he always keeps sobering and knows what he wants.

“Probably it’s because he has grown up in such a different environment, Clarence always evilly sees people. Hence, even if he truly cares about someone, he always speaks harsh words to the person. Sometimes, you can’t judge him from his words, but you should look at what he has done, which represents his true thoughts.”

Stella wanted to retort him that Clarence didn’t do anything better than what he spoke.

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