Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 68: As Expected, It Was That Double-minded Man Again

After a long while, she gained her sights and breathed the fresh air again.

Clarence gently patted her face, his brows furrowed tightly, “Stella, wake up.”

But Stella who was lying on the ground didn’t response.

Clarence leaned forward to check her breathes and pressed her chest again. Stella coughed out a mouthful of water. When Clarence was about to press her belly to let her spit out the rest water, Horace, who got the news not long ago and rushed to here, suddenly grabbed his hand.

Clarence said in a cold voice, “Fuck off.”

Many people walked over to watch this when they heard the commotion. Horace pressed his lips tightly. He didn’t explain it and simply said, “The doctor will be here soon.”

Clarence shoved off his hand, “I have to repeat my words. Fuck off.”

Right at this moment, Stella weakly grabbed Clarence’s hand, “I… Cough… I’m fine…”

Clarence looked down at her and found that Stella had waked up and her face was bloodless. She slightly knitted her brows, seeming to be uncomfortable at the moment.

After two second, Clarence withdrew his gaze and took back his hand. He shot an emotionless glace at Horace and then stood up and left. After Clarence’s departure, Horace walked over and supported Stella in his arms, “Stella, let me send you to the hospital.”

When Horace just held Stella in his arms, Rebecca emerged from the crowd and stopped him hastily, “Horace, what are you doing?”

“I have to send her to the hospital.”

“To hospital? Do you know what today’s banquet is for?” Rebecca took a glance at the woman in his arms, “She’s Clarence’s woman, but he doesn’t want to intervene in this. Why do you get yourself involved? It’s none of your business. Don’t forget what promise you made to father and mom before. If you screw up today’s banquet, the Jason Group will be all up.”

Rebecca continued, “She has waked up and I guess that her situation is not that serious. She just needs to have a check-up in the hospital. Leave her to me and rest assured, I will take good care of her.”

When speaking, Rebecca’s security guards took Stella from Horace’s arms.

When they were about to bring away Stella, Horace’s voice suddenly sounded, “Sister, you’re also a mother and you must have resonance for her feelings.”

Rebecca froze when she heard the words, “Horace, what did you mean?”

is aborted without her knowing, I will not agree to this commercial marriage even if I have to offend the

“She really… Horace, you…”

not my child. It’s just that I don’t

The ambulance arrived soon.

being carried onto the car and then

In the car…

Rebecca subconsciously bit her

Twenty minutes ago…

of time, yet still couldn’t

Stella managed to marry into the Conrad family by fake pregnancy and she flirted with Horace after divorcing Clarence. Now she wanted to use the trick she used before and was planning to use the child in her belly as a bargaining chip to make a fuss in their engagement

and comforted her that

he knew about Horace’s whereabouts or not. The security guard said that he saw Horace walking towards the swimming pool

appropriate moment because she just wanted to kill the child in her belly and didn’t

plan it in detailed. She hadn’t expected that the maid would happen to see Stella falling into the water. Moreover, she hadn’t expected

like his ex-wife and he left soon after pulling

Rebecca even planned to secretly abort the child in her belly after sending her to the hospital. She would tell a lie that

expected that Horace would see

off the necktie,

bathroom, he saw Justin waiting for him on

clam voice, “What’s the

looked at him, “Clarence, I learned from others that Stella fell into the

has waked up.

helpless, Justin chuckled, “You don’t want to come

an indifferent voice, “I’m not a doctor. Will my visit

on impulse and do something that you will regret

It seemed like Clarence didn’t want to discuss on this topic. He said

and it would be hypocritical if he stayed here for longer because

sounded from behind, “Rest assured. Even though Annie engages with Horace, it can’t affect your position in the Conrad

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