Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 69: You Don’t Have Any Reason to Keep It

When the doctor and the nurse left the ward, they saw Clarence. The doctor asked, “Are you her family. The patient…”

Clarence withdrew his lines of sights and replied coldly, “I’m not.”

“Then you…”

“I just walked pass here.”

The doctor was rendered speechless.

“How could you stand at the door and look into the ward for a long while if you just walked pass here?” The doctor thought in his heart.

When the doctor was about to leave, Clarence suddenly spoke, “She always has problems with her stomach. Please have a check on it.”

The doctor was stunned, “Stomach upset? What are the specific symptoms?”

“Nausea and keck.”

The doctor smiled gently, “Although it was the symptoms for stomach upset, I have to say that nausea and keck are the normal reactions of pregnancy since the patient has been pregnant for four months. Don’t be so nervous.”

Clarence, who was originally fixing his eyes on Stella, narrowed his eyes when he heard the words. His eyes became cold, “What did you say?”

“Nau… Nausea and keck are the normal reactions of pregnancy. Don’t… don’t be so nervous.”


The doctor replied tentatively, “The patient has been pregnant for four months?”

Clarence was suddenly lost in thoughts and the words that Stella said to him before popped into his mind.

‘Don’t you always want to know what I am thinking? Clarence, I am pregnant, and I need to plan for the future of my baby. I want half of your inheritance, and also the stock of the Conrad Group…’

‘Maybe it’s because I’ve never been on a catwalk before so I’m a little nervous. Whenever I’m nervous, I’ll get sick to my stomach and want to vomit. I’ll be fine after it’s over.’

‘I just found out that my…antacid is missing, I don’t know if I’ve left it in your office…’

Sherry’s… She is getting married soon with her boyfriend and they are

pregnancy? As the child’s future godmother, it’s normal for me to

of holes,

the door and walked

in front of Stella’s bed, he said with an indifferent and contemptuous expression, “Stella, you really regard me as

on the

down and found that although she was unconscious now, she was

Four months.

he didn’t

had been sleeping. When she finally woke up, she felt muddle-headed and very uncomfortable. After several seconds, she finally became conscious. She recalled the scene when she fell into the swimming pool and immediately touched

sigh of relief. She turned around as she wanted to know where she

up from the bed and sat on the bed with the quilt in her arms. She looked quite nervous, “Mr… Mr. Conrad, why

replied in a flat tone, “Who knows. Maybe I just

that it was Clarence who helped her out of the swimming pool before and uncontrollably tightened her grip

fixed his black eyes on her. He

Why was Clarence starting her like this? She felt really uneasy under his

Stella looked out of the window. Looking at the blue sky, she found a topic, “I’ve been sleeping for

Clarence asked, “Which friend?”

Sherry. You’ve seen her


uncontrollably nervous,

come to the hospital to take

even if she can’t come here. It’s just that I swallowed too much water before. It’s not a big deal. I guess I can be

she still wants to give birth to that man’s child under

Stella was rendered speechless.

Was Clarence crazy?

at this moment, they heard someone

withdrew his lines of sights and said in a

appeared in the ward with a Kraft bag in his hand. He put the bag in front of Clarence,

can leave

Stella slightly and then strode out

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