Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 760: Playing Cute at Me Everyday

Subconsciously, Stella turned around to hide the box. She looked at Clarence and said, “It’s nothing special. By the way, Donald said he wanted to have seafood. I bought some online. We've invited him over for dinner a few days later. I can put them into the freezer first.”

Upon hearing it, Clarence didn’t think otherwise. He just said, “You should've just ignored him. He's supposed to appreciate the chance to have dinner here. This picky man.”

Stella smiled, pulling him into the living room. “Well, he’s quite hardworking recently. I do have to thank him.”

Clarence grabbed hold of her waist, pressed her onto the sofa, and cupped her face. He said huskily, “I’m also hardworking. Why didn’t you thank me?”

Stella looked at him with her watery eyes. “I was already asleep when you came home. How did I cook for you? I’ll make soup for you tomorrow. When you come back...”

Clarence stared at her and said slowly, “You know what I mean…”

It had been a month since they went to Riverside City and came back.

As Clarence finished speaking, the atmosphere changed instantly.

Their intertwined breath heated.

When his kiss landed on her skin, Stella closed her eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck, and responded to him slowly.

His hand touched her sensitive skin, making her thrill.

When his passionate kiss fell down along her neck, Stella’s breath became heavier. She gripped his shirt tightly and bit her bottom lip to avoid letting out moans.

A moment later, Clarence held her in his arms, bit her ear, and whispered, “Shall we go back to the bedroom?”

Stella didn’t answer. Looking at him with her glistening eyes, she pressed him down on the sofa and kissed his lips. Her hand unbuttoned his shirt.

Clarence raised his eyebrows in surprise. She rarely took the initiative in sex.

With one hand wrapped around her waist, he moved the other hand down along her back.

Shortly after, Stella lay prone on his chest as if she had no strength at all. Her breath became ragged while she moaned.

Clarence whispered into her ear with a smile, “Do you like it?”

His fingers kept moving.



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