Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 762: You’ll Always be Respected

After Archer came out of the lab, he found about a dozen messages on his phone.

They were mostly pictures, in which showed some of Winnie’s autographed photos as well as some exclusive merch from her studio.

Archer was so confused, wondering what had happened.

He scrolled up and saw Stella’s message.

Stella: Elaine said you are Winnie’s fan. I’ve mailed these to you.

Then he saw a text that described Sherry’s symptoms.

Archer wanted to call Stella, but he gave up and started typing.

Archer: Has your friend had a miscarriage before?

Stella didn’t reply until quite a long while later.


Archer: Okay, I see. I’ve been quite busy recently. I’ll mail her herbal soup together with yours in a few days.

Stella: Thanks a lot.

Stella: There’s one more thing...

Archer: Yes?

Stella: My friend’s mother is ill, too...

Archer realized that was why Stella had mailed him those Winnie’s autographed photos.

However, he wasn’t like Elaine. Those things were useless for him.

Stella: You can tell me how much you charge usually. I’ll transfer the money to you. I felt so embarrassed to keep bothering you.

Please don’t

have meals in Ms. James’s house. She didn't

Just send me the symptoms of

Archer refused, Stella still bought a lot of specialty


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at Bancroft’s portrait. Then he turned

Elaine went there obediently.

stick. “Elaine, Grandfather Bancroft loved you the most before. He also decided on the engagement of Darnell and you. Now your engagement has been dissolved, he must be disappointed. You


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then, Hilbert looked out of the ancestral hall and said, “Darnell, here you

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that Darnell would do anything to her, but she was worried about Hilbert and her

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unwilling to engage with Elaine.

and the latter lowered her head and

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He said politely, “It's just that Elaine isn’t so lucky. Your grandfather

beating around the bush, he said directly, “Please don’t worry. No matter what

that, Darnell nodded at Hilbert and

frowned and heaved a sigh, looking

him up. “Great-grandpa, what did he mean by

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