Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 40 - I Want More

Lin Wen Xin took his temperature and it showed 39 degrees Celsius?!

Wang Shen Ze is running a very high fever. She asked the servants if they could bring her some small towels and a bucket of cool water.

In the meantime, she tapped on him to wake him up. “Shen Ze... wake up... Shen...?”

He frowned slightly but still did not open his eyes. Just at this moment, his phone started ringing.

Lin Wen Xin looked over and saw that it was Yi Fan who is calling him. She reached out for it and answered, “Hello, Yi Fan...”

She then went on to explain about the situation and informed him that both of them could not come for work today.

Just as she put down the phone, the servants quickly came in with the things that she has requested for.

Lin Wen Xin placed the towels into the bucket and squeezed them dry before putting it on his forehead, neck and some parts of his body.

She had to try to bring down his body’s temperature as much as possible while waiting for the doctor to arrive.

Lin Wen Xin replaced his towels very frequently and the servants were also very proactive in changing the water and getting new towels for her.

Very soon, Nanny Liang led the doctor up to the room. The lead doctor from Yue He Hospital had personally come down since he is the Wang family’s personal doctor.

Wang Shen Ze’s temperature has reduced by quite a bit, all thanks to Lin Wen Xin’s help.

The lead doctor then administered some medication and also advised her on some ways to care for him.

to wake up, Lin Wen Xin quickly went to prepare some shredded

bedroom, she saw that he was trying to

down on his bedside table, before helping

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replied weakly.

do that, “The doctor just came by earlier. He said that you can’t take a bath yet. Why don’t you rest first, I’ll get some towels and help you

him, “Here, take some congee... I

as she blew on each scoop of congee gently before feeding it to

is very pleased that he was so cooperative throughout the meal


Wen Xin was surprised at Wang Shen Ze’s

me a moment, I will take it for you now.” She happily agreed

that he might not have any appetite for the food but seeing that he has asked for more, of course she is overjoyed. This

Shen Ze did not know the reason for his big

congee tasted great, or because he enjoyed her attentiveness and


went by like this, with Lin Wen Xin

sleeping on his sofa for the past few nights so she could easily be alerted whenever he requires any

there would always be a thick blanket that would cover her completely

by his small gesture, she could not help but wonder, “Now who is taking care

speedily recovered but he still demands for her to feed

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