Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 41 - You Are Fired

To be honest, Lin Wen Xin really did not want to do this at all. But seeing how the director is begging her in a desperate manner, she really could not bear to reject him.

“Okay, I will do it.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” The director kept bowing to her as he replied. He is overjoyed that she had agreed to it and quickly got the team to prepare her on the details.

As the stylists were helping her with the hair and makeup, Sister Fei Yi walked over, “Wen Xin, are you sure about this? You do know that you are not obligated to do this right?”

Lin Wen Xin looked at her and smiled, “I know. But it doesn’t hurt to offer a little help.”

It was really not easy to close off a part of the public beach and she could not imagine the number of permits and trouble they had went through to successfully reserve this entire location.

Since everyone has worked so hard on this, she also did not wish to see the team suffer from the potential delay.

Lin Wen Xin worked hard to memorise the script and also rehearsed several times with the male lead before they officially went on camera.

The director was full of praises for Lin Wen Xin and it is evident that she had a natural talent in acting.

Both of them had very good chemistry on set and the first scene was completed very quickly.

Wang Shen Ze and Yi Fan have also specially dropped by today to check on the progress.

Though Wang Shen Ze is dressed casually with a pair of shades, it is still not enough to shake off his cold and imposing aura.

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not see Lin Wen Xin

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Ze was about to ask Yi Fan to find her, he caught a glimpse of

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Wang, did I do something wrong?

Shen Ze’s bloodshot eyes, Yi Fan instantly understood the whole situation and

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from what the director is saying to him, she more or less understood the situation as

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