Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 60 - Happy Ending

Soon, there were many more similar questions that came in, which suggests that the public is very interested in knowing about the details of the incident.

Yi Fan, who is standing beside them, is breaking out in cold sweat!

Are these reporters not tired of living?? They actually dared to ask Madam such questions, in front of President Wang??!!

True enough, everyone immediately felt the low pressure from Wang Shen Ze, as he glared coldly at those reporters, while keeping his fists clenched tightly.

If not for Lin Wen Xin being here, he would have already thrown every single one of them into the warehouse for a beating, before closing the media companies that they are working for.

However, he soon felt Lin Wen Xin’s gentle hand around his waist, which quickly dissipated his anger.

In fact, she was not offended at all when she heard such questions from the reporters. She even felt that this is an opportune time to rectify these misunderstandings that the public had of them.

Lin Wen Xin smiled brightly and replied them in a calm tone, “Thank you for coming to our event today and I appreciate everyone’s concern about us. I’m very pleased to assure everyone that both of us are happily married.”

“Also, to answer your questions - when one door closes, another opens. Everything in life happens for a good reason, and with that, I’ve never blamed Shen Ze for the closure of Lin Corporation. Because without it, I would never have accomplished this much in my career, and we wouldn’t have come this far as a couple.”

“Just to share a good news with everyone, we are currently expecting our first child. I sincerely hope that everyone can give us your blessings.” After she has said this, she placed her hand on her tummy and looked at Wang Shen Ze lovingly.

Indeed, a man is nothing without a wise wife. Similarly, a woman also needs a tough husband who would shelter her and keep her safe. This is the beauty of marriage, where two imperfect persons come together and navigate through the ups and downs in their life, successfully.

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