Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 2 - It Is Him?

“It’s time for both of you to meet! I will introduce you to him later!” Granny Wang said as she rubbed gently on Lin Wen Xin’s shoulder.

“Thank you Granny Wang.” Although Lin Wen Xin was smiling respectfully at Granny Wang, only she knows that deep down in her heart, she is very reluctant to marry her grandson.

To her, a rich and handsome man did not matter. All she wanted is to marry a man who would truly love her and treat her well.

The opening ceremony of the auction is about to begin. Being the esteemed guests of Granny Wang, Lin Gao Hai and Lin Wen Xin naturally had the opportunity to sit in the front row, alongside with the Wang Family.

As DT’s new president, Wang Shen Ze had the honour to make the opening speech. He is wearing a suave blue custom made suit from France. His hair is styled neatly and his shiny black leather tailored shoes were making the “click-clock” sounds on stage, entirely dominating the noise in the grand ballroom.

As he walked towards the centre of the stage, many girls gasped at his looks and charisma. He has been on the most eligible bachelor’s list for years, and has made the public curious about what he looks for in his future wife.

“It is him?!” Lin Wen Xin widened her eyes, unable to believe in what she is seeing. Her heart was beating rapidly, and she was unable to conceal the happiness on her face.

Lin Gao Hai looked over to Lin Wen Xin and saw her unconcealed interest in Wang Shen Ze. He was naturally happy and nodded his head with satisfaction.

The long awaited auction has started and throughout the event, many number plates were being raised. The charity auction was once again a success and hundreds of millions were being donated to the charity.

Although the auction has ended, it also marks the start of the networking session as the guests swarmed out to the large private foyer outside the ballroom.

This was an opportunity for the guests to meet new business partners to broaden their network or to socialise and strengthen relationships with their existing partners to close business deals.

Lin Wen Xin could not help but feel nervous as she thought about meeting Wang Shen Ze for the first time after six years.

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I will be waiting for you there.” Lin Gao Hai smiled and

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Xin quickly reached out her hand and held onto the man’s arm, “Shen Ze...”

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We will let you go this time but this is also a warning to you.”

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Xin, where are you?”

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grand foyer, the entire Wang Family is present. Wang Shen Ze’s parents, Wang Li Xun and Xu Jia

are looking forward to becoming a family with you soon! Don’t be too courteous!” Xu Jia Li smiled and toasted to Lin Gao Hai. Wang Li

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