Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 3 - I Will Play With You!

Wang Shen Ze looked over and immediately recognised that it was the lady who had bumped into him earlier. As he examined her closely, he saw that she was carrying and wearing high-end branded goods from head to toe.

Haute couture dress worth millions? Limited edition branded bag and high heels? Extraordinary fine and rare diamonds?

Seems like she is just like any other girls who wants to marry me for my money and looks!

What a coincidence! What I, Wang Shen Ze, hate the most are superficial and fake women like her, who naively believes that she would be able to lead a good life after getting married to me.

So she wants to be my, Wang Shen Ze’s wife? Impossible! Wang Shen Ze shook his head and sneered coldly as he stared straight into her face.

Since she wants to play with me, I will play with her till the end. I will make sure that she will heavily regret her decision to marry me for the rest of her life.

Lin Wen Xin’s sixth sense told her that something was wrong as she saw Wang Shen Ze smiling coldly at her. It seems like Wang Shen Ze has changed over the years, and he doesn’t seem to like her anymore?

What should she do?

Since young, Lin Gao Hai had always doted on her and has never made any requests of her. She can’t possibly fall back on the promise she made with her father. She had to fulfil this last request from him no matter what, as a form of filial piety.

She has always remembered how well Wang Shen Ze has treated her in high school. And she also vowed to only marry him. Was the love and gentleness towards her, all fake?

However, throughout these six years, due to age and puberty, Lin Wen Xin’s looks have changed tremendously. She now has sharper facial features and better body shape, paired with a long black wavy hair. Not to mention previously in high school, she was wearing her big spectacles with much shorter hair, and looks completely opposite of how she is now.

Lin Wen Xin then thought about it, and made a wild guess, “Perhaps he did not recognise me?”

Lin Wen Xin bit her lips, as she secretly encouraged herself, “If that is the case, it is fine as well. Since he can fall in love with me for the first time, I will make him fall in love with me again for a second time!” “Wen Xin, you can do this!”


Gao Hai returned back to their hotel room. Since it was a large suite, they

lied on her bed as she slowly absorbed the events that had

never expected that this arranged marriage partner would be him, the boy that she had yearned for, day and night for the past

it would be the same for him, but his cold and

their relationship, she suddenly sat

for the hotel, she quickly threw everything she

to her and she would always bring it along

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quickly rummaged through her huge luggage. “Oh no, where did I put it?” “Is it

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dejected, the corner of her eye caught a green bracelet

it!” Lin Wen Xin

bracelet and rubbed it gently, checking and ensuring that it

of the bracelet by keeping in her casual

she was in a huge rush this morning and had no choice but to put everything in her luggage first and then

Lin Wen Xin and Wang Shen Ze had made

in magenta purple while Wang Shen Ze’s bracelet is in emerald

night market, and decided to make one for themselves since it was popular amongst couples

with each other after it was completed. They promised to protect

that you have a talent in making bracelets!” Lin Wen Xin generously

to start a jewellery business and make loads of money for me so that I can buy all my favourite

bracelet.” Wang Shen Ze looked

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