Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 4 - Now Is Not The Right Time

“Dad... I’m sure he will treat me well. Don’t worry!”

Lin Wen Xin knew that even though Lin Gao Hai had arranged this marriage for her, he also cared about her happiness and did not want her to feel wronged in any way.

Lin Gao Hai knew about the story of her first love in high school. But for some reasons, Lin Wen Xin did not want to share with Lin Gao Hai tonight that the boy she loves, is actually Wang Shen Ze.

She felt that somehow, it was not the right time to share this piece of news. Especially when she saw how Wang Shen Ze was indifferent to her earlier at the charity auction event.

After a few moments of silence, Lin Wen Xin said, “Dad... there is something that I will share with you, but... now is not the right time to do so...”

“Mmm it’s okay, Dad understands. Share with me when the time is right.” Lin Gao Hai gave Lin Wen Xin an assuring smile.

Lin Wen Xin was naturally touched by what Lin Gao Hai said, and felt as though a burden has been lifted off her shoulders.

Lin Gao Hai has always been understanding towards Lin Wen Xin and respected her. He has never forced her to say or do anything that are against her wishes.

Lin Gao Hai knew that even though Lin Wen Xin is still considered young in his heart, she has always been very clear of what she wanted and is able to make her own decisions independently.

As a father, he has always felt that he is lacking in so many ways and have not done enough for Lin Wen Xin.

Even though he has tried his best to provide all that he could for her, it would never be able to fully replace the loss of Lin Wen Xin’s mother and grandparents whom she was close with.

“Wen Xin, Granny Wang has invited us out for dinner next week. Will you be free? She wants to discuss details about your marriage with Shen Ze.”

“Alright, I will make time for it. Just let me know the time and location.” Lin Wen Xin replied.

“Okay, that’s good! Then have a good rest tonight. You still have work the next morning.”

“Yes dad, you too. Have a good rest!”


The Next Morning, At Lin Corporation

the office’s lobby. She has just started her designer job few weeks ago and is still considered to be

the previous time and she

Gao Hai, she had pleaded him to not disclose her

means that Lin Wen Xin could not take her father’s car to the company and have to squeeze in with other

her father to treat her just like any other

up the ranks in the company and build her

and proceeded to be selected as the lowest ranking fashion designer

Xin had always been the best fashion design student in

received several awards and her classmates even crowned her with a nickname

Wen Xin panted, as she took the lift

“Lin Wen Xin!!”

her eyes tightly as she

knows how many people are staring

Xin slowly opened her eyes and walked towards Sister Fei Yi’s

Sorry, I am a

you are late! Wasn’t my

let you go! Let me tell you, even if your grandfather owns this

design department. Sister Fei Yi is the

could offend anyone in the design department, except for

the company.

has always been a perfectionist at work, and would never accept any designs less than

is the most outstanding employee in

often appears to be unreasonable with

also well-known to be a motherly figure in the team,

back to her desk, feeling

for work this morning, Sister Fei Yi shortened her design draft’s deadline

means that she would definitely need to burn midnight oil when

How frustrating!

she immediately started on

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