Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 5 - How Has She Been?


Yi Fan quickly reported, “The girl’s identity has been found. But the investigator still needs some time to arrange for her to meet up with you.”

“I will give him another two weeks! Nothing more than that!”

“Yes, President Wang. I understand.” Yi Fan bowed slightly.

“Leave!” Yi Fan received Wang Shen Ze’s order and left the office immediately.

In the office, Wang Shen Ze stood in front of the large glass windows and stared at the view.

Since his office building is the tallest in the capital, he seems to have everything under his grasp and could only look down at the people beneath his feet.

He could make millions of dollars in every few hours. He has the power to make any company collapse within a night. But why is it that he could not even find his little girl?

Where is she? How has she been?

Has she been eating enough? Is she being bullied?

Wang Shen Ze could not stop thinking of the news that Yi Fan had reported to him.

“Xin Xin... I will make sure to find you!” Wang Shen Ze thought to himself, with a look of determination.


Three days later, at Lin Corporation

Today is the day that Lin Wen Xin has to submit her design draft.

Thankfully she has been on time for the past few days! Otherwise she would not know what to do if Sister Fei Yi shortened her deadline again.

Sister Fei Yi was also satisfied with the draft that Lin Wen Xin has submitted.

went on to give Lin Wen Xin some pointers and gave

to take a short

later for dinner! Don’t be late.

drive you there, I will be

the dinner?? I totally forgot about it!” She sighed softly as she knocked lightly

too busy with the submission of her draft that she has completely

leave with Sister Fei Yi and rushed home


At the Lin’s Residence

Xin stared at her wardrobe for a long

Or should I

this? It looks

an hour before deciding to wear a sleeveless white dress with squared neckline, paired

branded high heels

confirming that it is the smell she wanted to go for, she sprayed on

Lin Wen Xin


Lin Wen Xin at the entrance of the

Isn’t this

the lobby of the restaurant and

design was exactly like a grand Chinese palace


booked and to dine in this restaurant, it is said that you have to make a booking at least

speculated that there is actually a man-made waterfall, inspired by the world renowned Niagara Falls, that

Wow! Unbelievable!

out her phone, wanting to record the experience down for Xiao Yu

as she switched on the video function of her phone and moved her camera from the left

completely stunned when she saw that the person standing in the centre of her frame was actually

stared straight at her with a

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