Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 7 - You Are Not Qualified

“I just called you...” Before Lin Wen Xin could complete her sentence, Wang Shen Ze went forward and swiftly grabbed both sides of her outerwear.

He once again slammed her back against the wall in an aggressive manner.

Wang Shen Ze then released his right hand on Lin Wen Xin’s outerwear and grabbed her chin in the next second.

His bloodshot eyes stared straight into her eyes as he coldly spat out these words, “Don’t you dare to call me that again!”

“You? Heh...” Wang Shen Ze sneered as he looked away for a second before looking straight into her eyes once again.

He raised his eyebrows and looked down at her condescendingly.

Wang Shen Ze enunciated each word with a cold and mocking tone, “You are not qualified!”

He then threw his hands down and took out a handkerchief from the inside of his jacket, wiped his hands thoroughly and threw it away into the bin nearby.

Wang Shen Ze was completely disgusted that he has even had skin contact with Lin Wen Xin. It was as though she was extremely dirty in his eyes!

Lin Wen Xin held back her tears as she saw him walking further and further away from her.

She really did not want to cry!

But as soon as Wang Shen Ze’s figure disappeared from the corridor, her body immediately collapsed and slid down the wall.

Lin Wen Xin covered her face as she cried uncontrollably.

She hate to admit but Wang Shen Ze’s words had really reached in and stabbed the most delicate part of her heart.

It was so hurtful!

And crying is the only way that she could ease this pain.

After a short while, Lin Wen Xin remembered that Lin Gao Hai is still waiting for her in the dining room.

She did not want him to worry about her.

Lin Wen Xin quickly recollected herself as she went back to the bathroom to fix her make up.

After ensuring that she looks the same as before, she left the bathroom and walked towards the private room.

just about to ask Shen Ze to send you back home tonight!” Xu Jia Li gave a

her good intentions and immediately agreed to it, “Yes, Wen Xin. Shen Ze can send you back tonight. I still need to head to the

Lin Wen Xin would

when she heard this arrangement, “That’s good that’s good! The two young people can spend more time together and build

the restaurant and waved goodbye, leaving only the two

car pulled over in front of them, and the driver respectfully returned the car keys

walked straight into the driver’s seat and

scene and was hesitating if she should grab a

it was already very late and this restaurant is

it would probably take the driver another

is unsafe for a girl to be travelling back on her own at

mind! I will just take his car

Xin hurriedly walked towards the front passenger seat that is

cold voice, “Did

Wen Xin had no choice but

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her address since he was going to drive her home. But the only response

sure that he had heard her, but yet at the same time, she was unsure if he actually

car clearly stated that it is at 20 degrees celcius... But why does it feel as though it is 5 degrees celcius in

So cold!!

started and the journey back to her home was

Wen Xin stared at the beautiful scenery

rivers, then the city life blended in

she observed the local people living

roadside stall owners were actively encouraging

young children ran around the area, with no worries on

older people settled down at the makeshift food stalls with

is actually so simple! But humans came into the picture and made things


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on the sleep that she had lost

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