Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 8 - Only Once In A Lifetime

Lin Wen Xin hurriedly alighted from the bus and walked towards the huge striking billboard.

She was not the only one!

The advertisement also managed to catch the attention of the working adults who were squeezing through the heavy human traffic.

“Will you marry me?”, the man asked the woman in the screen.

Of course they were not marrying for real!

But there were two things that caught everyone’s attention - one was the popular actor and actress, and the other was the exquisite diamond ring!

The advertisement ended with a catchphrase “Only Once In A Lifetime” by SX Jewellery.

Lin Wen Xin eyes twitched a little when she saw the last five words.

It is indeed every girl’s dream to be proposed to by the love of their life.

What about her?

Would he ever give her the proposal that she had dreamt of day and night?

The proposal that she had waited for a long time?

She really didn’t think so...

After all, it seems as though Wang Shen Ze did not even want to marry Lin Wen Xin in the first place, let alone asking him to propose to her.

How ridiculous!

But oh well... Who said a girl could not pay for her own diamond ring?

Lin Wen Xin gave herself a consoling smile and said, “It’s okay! I mean, if I pay for it with my own money, I will take better care of it right?”


Jewellery started its business only years ago, but has already dominated the international market

known to have the best in-house designers and are selling only the highest grade of

be outstanding, but their price points are also

of their newly curated diamond

a fashion designer, she

hoping to be proposed to, with a ring

Lin Wen Xin to knock

you?” Lin Wen Xin asked anxiously as she looked at the

front of the queue and Yu Meng

looking forward to the launch of

be proposed to, there was no reason to wait longer

partner along with them to

how embarrassing would this be for her if

are seen to be walking together towards the direction

general manager of this entire high-end mall, and he is

a much


Isn’t the younger man...

she had seen this man

was only recently,

yet so unfamiliar at

Wen Xin got distracted as she saw Xiao Yu Meng walking towards

just in time for them to enter the

you so long!” Lin Wen Xin held onto Xiao Yu Meng’s arm and shook

so bad, I

into the store by a polite sales

the large window

design!” Lin Wen Xin couldn’t

bad... but it’s just a ring, do you seriously need to be so excited?” Xiao Yu

waiting for this?” Lin Wen Xin couldn’t help

such stuffs be bought for you by your man? Why are you getting it on

and smiled as she replied, “It’s

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