Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 9 - Who Is It?

As his personal secretary, Yi Fan is paid high enough to run Wang Shen Ze’s private errands as well.

So he naturally knew about his president’s upcoming marriage and future wife.

Yi Fan glanced at Lin Wen Xin who is currently at the counter purchasing the ring.

“President Wang, do you want me to pay the bill for her with your card?”

Wang Shen Ze hesitated for a short moment before replying Yi Fan.

“No need, leave her alone. I want to see how long she can last!” Wang Shen Ze responded with a glint in his eyes.


Lin Wen Xin and Xiao Yu Meng chatted happily as they walked to the mall’s basement carpark.

They quickly spotted the well-polished white BMW sports car that is parked just beside the lift lobby.

Xiao Yu Meng is currently an entrepreneur who is running her small marketing firm.

Her parents have always been hoping for her to take over some of their family’s businesses.

However, Xiao Yu Meng has strongly declined their offer as she wanted to chase her own dream.

As such, all of the Xiao Family’s businesses have been taken over by Xiao Yu Meng’s older brother.

“Wen Xin, my mother has been nagging for me to ask you over to my house for a meal!” Xiao Yu Meng complained as she started the car.

“Haha sure! I miss auntie so much too! Now that you mentioned it, I haven’t seen her for about a month already!” Lin Wen Xin replied as she buckled her seat belt.

Lin Wen Xin used to frequently visit Xiao Yu Meng’s house during their schooling days.

Xiao Yu Meng’s parents like Lin Wen Xin and have always treated her as one of their children.

“So how about coming over now?” Xiao Yu Meng casually asked her.

“Sure, why not! I don’t have any plans for tonight too!” Lin Wen Xin smiled and responded.

She had missed Mama Xiao’s cooking anyway!

arrived at the Xiao’s

You are finally here!” Mama Xiao greeted her at

Wen Xin smiled as

first? The food is ready!” Mama Xiao asked as she

the way, she had also signalled the servants to help her set up the table for

Wen Xin greeted the servants as she placed her bag on one of the dining

the kitchen and

went up to the study room to call her

can do?... Maybe

Xin did not even wait for Mama Xiao’s reply

knew that Mama Xiao would not want her to lift a finger, but sit down at the dining

own and she felt that it was not polite to remain idle at

help but sigh

Wen Xin had placed the last dish on the

She was startled!

Who is it?

Wen Xin struggled to remove

immediately turned around and saw the man standing

out to be Xiao Yu Meng’s older brother, Xiao

at the Xiao’s Residence when she was younger, she naturally got to know Xiao Yu Zheng

2 years older than them, all three of them often hanged out together and

that the three of

not hesitate to give the man a light punch

laughed heartily as he handed a navy blue box

actual birthday as he had to leave for a last minute business trip overseas

was shocked to receive this sudden

think of it, Xiao Yu Zheng has never failed to give her a birthday gift

with teary eyes, “Yu Zheng, thank you

and gave her a light rub on the head, “Silly girl, quickly open up the

smiled as she unwrapped the ribbon

she saw an exquisite

must have

turned to look at Xiao Yu Zheng, “This must be

“You don’t like it?”

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