Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 10 - The Interrogation

Lin Wen Xin raised her eyebrows and looked at Xiao Yu Zheng with a blank look.

Xiao Yu Zheng immediately burst out laughing, “I’m just joking! I’ve already heard from Yu Meng that you are getting married soon. Congratulations.”

“Thank you!” Lin Wen Xin closed her eyes for a second, and gave a smile of relieve.

“I hope you will be happy, I really mean it.” Xiao Yu Zheng said it with a deep look.

He then smiled and jokingly added, “And if that man doesn’t treat you well, come to me, I will help you deal with him!”

Xiao Yu Zheng did not wait for her reply and opened his car door.

He walked towards the front of the car and gave Lin Wen Xin a teasing wink, and then went on to open the car door for her.

Lin Wen Xin couldn’t hold back her laughter as she sat in the car and looked at Xiao Yu Zheng’s foolish face.

Even though Xiao Yu Zheng cannot be compared to Wang Shen Ze in terms of looks, he is still above average and is definitely considered to be handsome.

His warm personality has also caught the hearts of many girls.

But he did not put any of those girls in his eyes as he had only been loyal in pursuing one girl in his heart.

That girl is Lin Wen Xin.

However, Lin Wen Xin only had Wang Shen Ze in her heart and failed to notice Xiao Yu Zheng, who has always been by her side.

Lin Wen Xin got off the car and waved goodbye to Xiao Yu Zheng before she entered the gates of her home.

Xiao Yu Zheng then waved back, and quickly made a “call me” sign with his right hand.

He leaned against his car and made sure that Lin Wen Xin entered her home safely. Only then did Xiao Yu Zheng return to the driver’s seat and drive away.

Just a few meters away, a black Rolls Royce car is seen to be parked in the shade.

“You dare to have another man behind my back?” Wang Shen Ze sneered coldly.

He had actually seen everything from the moment the yellow Porsche stopped in front of her house!

If it wasn’t for the fact that his grandmother wanted him to personally bring the betrothal gift to her house, he wouldn’t even have bothered to come.

But who knew that he would have caught such a scene!

“Lin Wen Xin! You are unbelievable!”

but now he is in such a bad mood that he doesn’t

sent a message to

Xin’s number to him, just in case

it is

minutes later, there was still no reply on

to people running to

make him wait for 5 seconds... heh... that was the greatest discount that he could ever give

Xin... You are really

on the

Shen Ze then decided to give Lin

One call...

Two calls...

Three calls...

the other side, Lin Wen Xin had just

a towel as she strolled towards her

Xin picked up her phone and was

What? 20 missed calls?!

And one text message?...

in Lin Wen Xin’s saved

a sales agent wouldn’t

curiosity, she clicked on the text

[Come down!]

Come down?

Such a strange person...

to her room’s balcony to check if there is anyone

no one at

she was about to turn and return to her room, she saw a car parked just below

Wang Shen Ze?

three of such cars in the country! The other two cars also belonged to the Wang

him, who

threw the towel on her bed and rushed downstairs without a care in

long has

must be so

that she completely forgotten she is only wearing a thin nightgown – a

car, she felt the cool wind continuously touching

then realised that there was something

it was already

the car and Wang Shen Ze had already stepped

Wen Xin hurriedly placed two hands on her chest to cover the exposed parts of her body as

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