Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 11 - Meet The President

Lin Wen Xin patiently replied to each of his questions with no sign of anger.

However, she was just a little confused at how talkative he is today. He usually would show her his cold and indifferent attitude, and would not even want to communicate with her.

What is this situation now? Is he indirectly showing his concerns towards her?

Wang Shen Ze also did not know what had happened to him today.

He was annoyed at himself for asking her so many questions, but he really couldn’t help it.

He just had to know the answers by today!

He did not know why he became so angry when he saw her with another man.

He felt as though something valuable was being stolen away from him.

Was he jealous?

“Don’t overthink! I’m just asking you because I don’t want you to damage my good reputation. I’m not marrying a person who cheats!” Wang Shen Ze quickly made up an excuse due to his guilty conscience.

Lin Wen Xin thought about it seriously and felt that what he said had made sense.

She could not stop the world from making wild guesses and creating their own version of the story.

The whole world can misunderstand her, but he cannot!

It is important to have trust and accountability in every couple’s relationship and marriage.

Lin Wen Xin jotted down this important point in her heart and in the future, she would make sure to update Wang Shen Ze whenever she is alone with Xiao Yu Zheng.

At least he would be updated of their happenings and this would not create mistrust in their relationship.

But don’t worry, in the future I will definitely

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down several beautifully wrapped large boxes on the

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“Go ahead and bring them in. My job is done

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of her house, consistently wiping the perspiration on her forehead

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is supposed to be a punishment for her but instead, he actually found her to be quite cute

Shen Ze’s gaze became much gentler as he could not help but start to think of his little girl back in

use his life to protect his little girl


Lin Wen Xin collapsed on the sofa in the living room after she brought in

closed her eyes and immediately felt lazy to get up

to bathe a second time because she perspired so

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next morning, Lin Wen Xin had gotten up early to prepare a

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