Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 12 - Who Brought It?

“Is it okay for me to head up to his office? I just wanted to pass him a lunch box that I prepared.” Lin Wen Xin pointed to her thermal bag as she looked at them with anticipation.

“Do you have an appointment with him?” The lady continued to ask as she immediately bent down a little and scrolled through the appointment list for today.

“No, I don’t have an appointment...”

“I’m sorry, you will not be allowed to visit the president’s office if you do not have an appointment. This is our company’s policy.” The lady replied with a regretful tone.

“I see... It’s okay then, I understand. Thank you for your help!” Lin Wen Xin reached for her phone in the bag as she walked towards the nearest sitting area.

She placed her items on the sofa as she made a call to Wang Shen Ze.

Because he had called and texted her the other day, she had also saved his phone number. Thankfully she had a way to contact him now, otherwise it would be a wasted trip!

However, the phone call was not picked up and the ringing tone had soon ended.

Lin Wen Xin thought that maybe Wang Shen Ze is busy now and so she decided to send him a text message instead.

[Shen Ze, I brought lunch for you today. Are you free to come down and collect it from me?]

[Or I can also come up, but maybe you can add me into your appointment list?]

Lin Wen Xin sat on the sofa as she waited for Wang Shen Ze’s reply.

She was actually right, Wang Shen Ze is currently having a video conference with the directors and executives from the company’s overseas branch.

He had the habit of switching his phone to silent mode whenever he attends a meeting and so he naturally did not see Lin Wen Xin’s call and text messages.

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