Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 13 - As Long As He Is Happy

Wang Shen Ze was stunned for a moment after he heard what Yi Fan had said. He then looked away and laughed coldly, as though he had just heard a joke.

He could not believe that Lin Wen Xin was able to cook the food with such a familiar taste that he has been craving for so long.

“Lin Wen Xin... you brought this upon yourself... Very good! I shall make you cook for me every day from today onwards!”, Wang Shen Ze sneered as he stroked his fingers on his chin and thought to himself.

Over on the other side, Lin Wen Xin was in the midst of attending their team’s weekly meeting.

Her phone that she has placed on the table suddenly lighted up with a text message.

[Prepare my meals from tomorrow onwards. Leave it at the reception desk.]

Lin Wen Xin could not believe what she had seen! She quickly responded him with an “Okay, will do!”, and a smiley face at the end.

She could not help but smile to herself as she kept re-reading what he had sent her, over and over again!

“He must have liked the meal, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked me to continue preparing right?”

“Hehe, what should I prepare for him tomorrow then?... Hmm, how about the day after tomorrow... and the following weeks?”

Lin Wen Xin is already feeling exhilarated as she continued to make plans in her head.

“Bam!” A loud sound caused by a thick book slamming on the table had completely interrupted her impressive plans.

day dreaming?! It’s already your turn to present and you are

waiting to be fired?!”

Yi crossed her arms and stood behind Lin

quickly apologised to the entire team


Lin Wen Xin had to prepare lunch for Wang Shen Ze, and her previously one-time off busy morning, has now been permanently added into her daily

is completely satisfied with this arrangement

if he wanted three meals a day, Lin Wen

happy, she

Holdings are now very familiar with her since she has been dropping by

bringing food for Wang Shen Ze, Lin Wen Xin would also frequently pack some snacks or buy some delicious pastries for the receptionists.

bad that they had an extra job to

this, Lin Wen Xin now have a very good rapport with the receptionists as they are very appreciative


for Lin Wen Xin to start

Wen Xin and Wang Shen Ze to meet

gown and suit designers from France to do more than twenty sets for

the chauffeur drove Lin

of town. The first three levels are for their product

the shop, the large french designed doors

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