Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 14 - He Did Not Appear

Lin Wen Xin has already waited for more than two hours. Wang Shen Ze still has not arrived, neither has he responded to her text message.

It is her first time preparing for a wedding and her first time trying on the wedding gowns.

And it is a pity that she had to experience all of it alone.

It would be a lie to say that she is not disappointed. But then again, who is she to demand for him to appear with her at the bridal shop?

Lin Wen Xin was clearly no longer the girl that he had loved so dearly. She now had to work hard for his love.

So shouldn’t this outcome be expected?

Lin Wen Xin decided to cheer herself up and went on to do the fittings with the store manager. After all, today is a happy occasion!

The dresses were evenly spaced out and placed on a large gold-rimmed rack. As a fashion designer herself, Lin Wen Xin greatly appreciated the exquisite and intricate details on each of the gowns.

She brushed her fingers through the gowns gently to appreciate the quality and materials used.

Each gown showcased a different style but all of them followed the common theme of elegance and sophistication.

The sales assistant then brought her to a private salon on the same level, to do her hair and makeup.

Lin Wen Xin worked closely with the styling team to prepare the look that she is going for.

She has a very fair and good skin tone and so she usually does not like to put on any make up, except for a light lipstick to further accentuate her beautiful features.

Since she is just going to do gown fitting today, she decided to go for a romantically rolled wavy hair with light make up.

After Lin Wen Xin was done, she went to try on the first gown that the manager had already placed in the fitting room.

was changing into the gown with the help of two assistants, she briefly heard some muffled chattering sounds outside

the curtains were drawn open towards the two sides, Lin Wen Xin was seen to be standing on a huge and round elevated platform, together with her strapless mermaid shaped wedding

every girl had dream of

stunned when they saw how beautiful and perfect she looked.

when she

was Xiao Yu Meng

Yu Zheng! Why are you guys here today?” Lin Wen Xin exclaimed

Zheng could not help but fall into a short daze as they

in front of her and gave a light

see you! And thankfully we are here isn’t it? How can a soon-to-be bride try on her gowns on her own?!” Xiao Yu Meng soon complained as she looked around the place and caught

Lin Wen Xin casually said as she smiled at Xiao Yu Meng.

Yu Meng immediately rolled her eyes, “Stop making excuses for him already, he doesn’t

not even make time for this important occasion?” Xiao Yu Zheng stood at the side and thought to

Xin with a smile,

Wen Xin could answer him, Xiao Yu Meng quickly responded, “What are you saying?! Our Wen Xin is definitely the

couldn’t help but laugh

siblings went on for a few more rounds before Lin Wen Xin went to try on the other gowns for them to see.

impressive than the previous one and it was

Lin Wen Xin to wear this entire collection of gowns on

just become a fashion

to leave the bridal shop.

our usual hotpot place for dinner?”

Just so happens that I’m craving for their speciality meat!” Lin Wen Xin is already feeling excited

weeks ago?” Xiao Yu Zheng interrupted the two of them who were chatting happily and had completely

totally eat hotpot every day!” Xiao Yu Meng rebuked him

no choice but to only shake his head and

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