Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 15 - The Fake

“Shen...” The girl was closed to tears as she stood there in a pitiful manner.

Hong Xin Rui has a young and innocent face especially with her long hair tied up. With one glance at her dressing style, you could tell that she is a country girl and have not been to the city for ages!

Wang Shen Ze quickly walked over and stroked her head lightly, “Don’t cry, I’m sorry that I couldn’t find you earlier. I’ve let you suffer too much on your own.”

“Don’t worry, from today onwards, you can come back with me to the city. I will promise to take care of you and treat you well.”

Hong Xin Rui nodded her head as she leaned against his chest with a wronged face.

Wang Shen Ze then brought her to his car and the driver drove them back towards the city.

Along the way, he had asked her a lot about what he had missed out in her life for the past six years.

As he chatted with her, Wang Shen Ze was very sharp to sense that something was wrong.

He just felt that she is very different now as compared to the past. Perhaps the six years have really been tough for her which might have caused this tremendous change?

Wang Shen Ze then decided to put aside his own intuition and devote his time and energy to take care of his little girl.

He vowed to let her lead the best life without any worries and would give her everything that she wanted.

In high school, his first love had introduced herself to Wang Shen Ze as “Xin”. And since they were still young at that time, he has never thought much about it and did not ask for her full name.

This was one of the things he has heavily regretted as it made it so much harder for him to find her after six years.

Shen Ze naturally could not bring Hong Xin

only let her settle down first in his new marital home, where he would be moving

marital home is a luxurious modern villa with a

through it and reach the private beach that

high, with a basement, and consists of 10

the dream house that both Wang Shen Ze and his first

Wang Shen Ze had made to his first love, that is “to love and

first love loved fashion designing, and so he has specially designed a large room with glass windows that had the perfect view

that this room would be a place where she could freely experiment and gain more inspirations for

all the latest fashion design equipment in place, this room could easily be considered a

Rui stepped into the house, she couldn’t help but be amazed by the

soon warmly greeted by the rows of servants and also by


brought Hong Xin Rui to her room that he had specifically designed according to her

room is also connected to a large dressing room that housed expensive clothes, shoes, bags and even cosmetics from

room to give her some time and

fascinated with the room and all

hymning to herself as she walked leisurely to inspect every single thing

definitely didn’t expect herself to be so lucky to have caught a huge fortune from

live in such a big house now, she could even marry this rich man who seems to dote

of money and assets she could get her hands on

too surreal for her and

get to enjoy this luxurious lifestyle for the rest of my life! Such a good bargain!” Hong Xin Rui couldn’t

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