Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 16 - He Dares To Come

Lin Wen Xin’s mind is currently filled with complex emotions.

To have someone that she have loved so deeply, ask her this very question just before the wedding banquet, simply shows how reluctant he is to marry her.

It is no doubt that she still loves him and still dream of marrying him.

But is it too selfish of her to hold on to him like this?

Should she just let him marry the one he truly loves?

Should she leave him?

Whatever decision she were to make tonight, she knew that there is no turning back.

Could she just think of herself and be selfish for once?

Because she could lose everything but there is only one thing in the world that she could not afford to lose, and that’s him!

They had finally met with such great difficulty, and she cannot bear to just watch him go like this.

He is the one that she has chosen. The one that she wants to do life with, the one that she wants to start a family with, and the only one that she wants to grow old with.

Xin finally plucked up her courage and said

his eyes. He then adjusted

with tears. She hurriedly blinked her eyes multiple times to prevent the teardrops from

if you wanted any pastries but you didn’t pick up your phone so I...” Xiao Yu Meng said as she opened the door and

of pastries down on the coffee

shook her head and gave an assuring smile, “No... I wasn’t. Maybe it was because I just yawned

lying to me. Am I your best friend all these years for nothing? Do you think I don’t know if something is wrong with you?” Xiao Yu Meng interrupted her

Wen Xin had no choice but to share with her about what

furious when she heard what Lin Wen Xin had said. She could not help but remind her, “If you want to leave this man, tell me now and I’ll help you with it. It’s

already decided to marry him and furthermore, I still believe in

me anymore, he wouldn’t treat me badly. He isn’t that kind of person.” Lin

to arrive outside the room, had also heard the entire conversation from the very

in front of a large full length mirror as

the door twice with his knuckles before entering, “President Wang, there is someone

“Reject it.”

immediately went outside to speak to

sounded on the door again and Yi Fan came in to report to him, “President Wang, the

here.” Wang Shen Ze sneered as he

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