Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 17 - The Unspoken Words

Xiao Yu Zheng saw the look of aggressiveness on Wang Shen Ze’s enlarged face as he spoke, “It’s my wife and my business. You have no rights to interfere.”

Wang Shen Ze immediately stood up and tidied his suit while calling out, “Yi Fan! Send the guest out!”

Xiao Yu Zheng remained motionless on the ground while Wang Shen Ze then turned and walked away as though the situation in the room is none of his business.

Yi Fan then stepped in and ordered the body guards to drag Xiao Yu Zheng out of the room.

Even though the Xiao Family is not as rich as the Wang Family, they still held a prominent position in the country and are looked up to by many in the business world.

The only one who dared to treat Xiao Yu Zheng like this, could only be Wang Shen Ze.

Xiao Yu Zheng staggered to his feet as he walked towards the nearest washroom.

He unbuttoned his shirt and brushed his fingers lightly over the huge bruise on his abdomen, “Arghh...”

He could not help but groan in pain. Wang Shen Ze had really used a lot of strength to kick him just now!

Thankfully this injury is well hidden beneath his suit, otherwise he would not know how to explain to Lin Wen Xin and Xiao Yu Meng if they were to see it.

Xiao Yu Zheng looked at himself in the mirror as he tidied his hair and clothing.

“Wang Shen Ze... If you are not going to treat her right, I promise that I will take her away from you.” Xiao Yu Zheng silently vowed in his heart.

After he ensured that he still looks the same as before, he then headed towards the room where Lin Wen Xin is in.


The wedding banquet has officially begun and soon, the doors of the grand ballroom were flung open.

Lin Wen Xin held on to Lin Gao Hai’s arm as they both stepped on the red carpet together and made a grand entrance.

cheered and applauded as they walked towards Wang Shen Ze who

live band filled the entire ballroom and Lin Gao Hai soon passed Lin Wen Xin’s hand over to Wang

are overjoyed as

as he beamed with joy and patted lightly on Wang Shen

tilted his head down and gave a slight bow to Lin

Ze led Lin Wen Xin up to the center of the stage where

into a daze when she saw Wang Shen Ze looking at her with such a loving

felt as though

how he always had

on her and it is a fact

Xin, who was feeling gloomy before, is now smiling from ear to ear. She is clearly infected by Wang Shen Ze’s dazzling and

exchanging their vows, it is

smaller ring from the ring bearer and just before he placed the ring on Lin Wen Xin’s finger, he smiled

scene to witness from the bottom of the stage and the crowd could not help but cheered on as they continued

Such a perfect

match made

help but smile in embarrassment as she heard the

as she

smile like this”, Wang

pale face and pushed the ring into her finger as

from her fantasy world as her heart is now enveloped with

quickly snapped out from her daze as she took the other ring

is one of their greatest

she loves him

always be his strongest pillar of strength

not only at the highest peak, but

him so

stuck at her throat and she could not bring herself to say it out to him no matter how hard

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