Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 18 - I Should Move Out?

Lin Wen Xin was startled as she looked towards the direction of the voice.

She saw a young girl that was about her age, standing with her arms crossed and glaring straight at her.

That girl is Hong Xin Rui who has totally dominated the entire house with her overbearing attitude. Even though the servants did not like her, they are still afraid of offending her.

Lin Wen Xin was completely dumbfounded to find out that there is actually a girl who is already living in their marital home.

She felt a dull pain in her heart as she fell back to reality that this house is actually not hers, but theirs - Wang Shen Ze and Hong Xin Rui’s.

So this is the girl that Wang Shen Ze likes? No wonder he has been treating her so indifferently.

Even though Lin Wen Xin was feeling hurt, she could not help but also feel bad for Hong Xin Rui.

After all, it was her who had snatched Wang Shen Ze away from Hong Xin Rui right?

Seeing that Lin Wen Xin did not respond to her question, Hong Xin Rui immediately became more agitated as she shouted at her again, ”Are you deaf? Did you not hear me? Who are you?!”

Hong Xin Rui stomped her feet angrily as she flounced towards the direction of Lin Wen Xin.

“I... I am...” Lin Wen Xin stammered as she was helplessly thinking of the best way to explain this situation to the girl in front of her.

“She is my wife”, Wang Shen Ze who happened to hear the loud commotion at the door, strolled towards them elegantly.

Hong Xin Rui widened her eyes in shock as she looked at Wang Shen Ze who had appeared in front of her.

She quickly returned to her demure personality as she asked Wang Shen Ze in a shy and coquettish manner, “Shen, you didn’t tell me that you are already married, I feel so hurt by this.”

but now that you brought your wife back, maybe I should move out?” Hong Xin Rui looked at Wang Shen Ze with an

should have told you about this earlier”, Wang Shen

manner, “You don’t have to worry about her. She is just merely my wife in name. This house is still yours, you can do whatever you want and no one will

overjoyed in her heart but she still maintained a troubled

is not like the villa is lacking of any vacant rooms. However, there are only two bedrooms on the highest floor of the villa which currently belongs

Ze’s intentions on this matter and decided to ask

still wanted him for herself and she definitely would not allow Lin Wen Xin to share a room with

soon heard Wang Shen Ze’s decisive response, “She

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are so many other rooms on the lower floors of the villa but he just had

couldn’t help but smirk as she lifted one of her eyebrow and looked at Lin Wen

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could only silently bite her lips as she followed the servants down to the

Lin Wen Xin opened the door of her bedroom, a clean and elegant room appeared in front

basement is surprisingly better than what she

room is relatively huge enough for her to

Wen Xin is in fact very appreciative of having this room as she had previously

then sat down on the floor and opened her luggage as she

“Ring ring...”

and quickly accepted the video call from

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replied, “I reached here not long ago

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