Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 19 - The Lady Of The House

Lin Wen Xin was stunned as she looked at Wang Shen Ze who had just spoken.

What? Was he speaking to her?

Well... it seems like it is as no one sat down together with her.

“Oh... this...” Lin Wen Xin was completely speechless as she stood up from her seat and pushed it back to its original position.

“Don’t think that you can do anything you want in this house just because you are my wife in name.”

Wang Shen Ze picked up his utensils as he continued to speak, “From now onwards, you are not allowed to dine with us.”

“You will only eat after we are done eating.”

He gave Lin Wen Xin a cold glare before starting on his meal. Hong Xin Rui who is seated beside him, had also followed suit and started eating as well.

Lin Wen Xin smiled awkwardly and replied, “Mmm... I understand. I will be careful in the future.”

She felt that it might be rude for her to leave the dining hall at this moment so she decided to stand near the row of servants who were waiting on them.

“Shen, you like to eat this.”

“Shen, eat more of this.”

“This is quite nice too, let me give you some.”

Hong Xin Rui was obviously showing off to Lin Wen Xin as she placed the dishes on Wang Shen Ze’s plate.

However, Lin Wen Xin noticed that the food she placed on his plate were the ones that he hated the most.

bones. Mushrooms? I remember he doesn’t eat those. Steam

Ze frowned as he looked at

but ever since he has met

way she talked? Or the way she acted? Or that they have been apart for

Xin Rui but he just could not pinpoint

he don’t remember feeling so uncomfortable about it. In

side watching them, Wang Shen Ze swallowed his disgust

Xin Rui was naturally delighted as she saw Wang Shen Ze finishing every dish that she had

Xin’s stomach growled

pressed on her stomach as she looked down in

usual dinner timing and she is

as he heard her stomach

was special for him and he even took a much longer time to finish

Xin a lesson. He definitely did not want her to have

matter how hungry she is, she had to wait till they have finished

goal, he stood up to leave

Hong Xin Rui strolled

Xin. And your name is...”

talking. She squinted her eyes and then looked at her with disdain, “Lin Wen Xin right? I guess I haven’t introduced myself to you

Hong Xin Rui, and I

have heard earlier, you are just his wife in name and you hold no position in this place,

Rui sneered as she

Madam”, Nanny Liang

be served by anyone in this

while the row of servants at the side quieted noted this down in

receiving a satisfied response, Hong Xin Rui then harrumphed loudly before

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