Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 20 - Familiar Name

It was Hong Xin Rui who is standing at the entrance of the door, holding on to a box of cookies.

“Oh, I’m just here to pass Shen Ze a cup of milk.” Lin Wen Xin replied with a light smile.

“If you are done, just get out. Besides, the study room is not for someone like you to enter.” Hong Xin Rui said in a mocking tone.

Lin Wen Xin’s smile froze as she was slightly startled by Hong Xin Rui’s straightforward attitude.

Yes, it is true that Wang Shen Ze is very particular and does not allow anyone to enter the study room without his permission.

However, she did knock on the door but he was not inside. So she thought of just putting the cup of milk there and leaving the room straightaway.

It is obvious that Hong Xin Rui did not like her from the start. And she can totally guess the reason.

Two woman competing for the love of a man. How good of a relationship could they have right?

So Lin Wen Xin did not try to be friendly with Hong Xin Rui too, but she does want to try and live peacefully with her in this house.

Therefore, she decided to tactfully handle the situation by exiting the room.

However, just as she was about to leave, she noticed the box of cookies that Hong Xin Rui was carrying in her hands.

Black sesame flavour?

Xin impatiently, “Aren’t you going to leave? What are

Xin Rui with a confused face, “Are you giving these cookies to Shen

what I give to him? It’s

is allergic to sesame”, Lin Wen Xin patiently explained to

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nodded her head and closed the door that

was walking back to her room, she could not help but feel puzzled about

she not know that Wang Shen Ze is allergic to

why would she even bring the

of sesame if she were to open it up and eat in front

eat these cookies in

scratched her head as she could not

start working on some new design drafts. After all, the next few months is going to

has managed to close an important business deal with a huge company and their team would be in charge of designing the clothing for this large scale commercial

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concept and started working on a few draft ideas that she currently have in


study room, Hong Xin Rui was just standing there and being

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