Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 21 - Ask Her To Come!

“Yes, I poured this for you.” Hong Xin Rui smiled sweetly at Wang Shen Ze as she leaned forward to pick up the glass of milk and passed it to him with both hands.

“Thank you”, Wang Shen Ze fell into a deep thought as he reached out his hand to take the glass cup from her.

Not many people know about his habit of drinking milk after dinner.

If he had to point out the people who knows, it would only be his personal nanny at the Wang Residence, and his first love.

Even if someone happened to find out about this habit of his...

But exactly three quarters filled?

He definitely could not ignore this precision!

This glass of milk was enough for him to remove his suspicions of Hong Xin Rui.

However, even if she is his first love, he realised that she is no longer the girl for him.

But since he has made a promise to her previously, he would still fulfil it and take care of her.

“Lin Wen Xin... it’s a pity that you can only just stay back and watch as I slowly snatch everything away from you!”

Hong Xin Rui thought to herself as she crossed her arms and smiled with a glint in her eyes.


Few days later, at Lin Corporation

“Wen Xin, hurry up and pack your things, otherwise we will be late for the meeting!” Her colleague sitting next to her gave a nudge, while also busy preparing to leave.

“Okay got it! You can leave without me first! I’ll catch up with you soon!”

Lin Wen Xin quickly added her final finishing touches on her design drafts.

It was not like she had to submit her design drafts today but she has always liked to be well-prepared and be able to showcase her designs to clients readily.

minutes to the start of the meeting! I better leave now if I don’t want

Xin hurriedly slot the design drafts into her

please make way!....

way through the busy corridor and

in the room are busy preparing for the important meeting and not

Xin as well, who has just arrived and barely got

at the far end of the table! Help me to distribute them and place a set in

your help to carry these over to the other

tea and place them on

and the meeting

team meetings, Sister Fei Yi sat down at the side, leaving the two middle seats at the foot of

you all know, today is the first time that we are meeting our client as a team for

a quick eye contact with every single person in the team, “I expect

advertisement project. It is not going to be easy as it is our first time designing sportswear that has to be weatherproof

Yi continued to brief the team on the details of the

with disbelief, “Wait... Did I hear

the meeting was soon interrupted with two knocks and the door immediately opened from

personally ushered them from the ground

the centre of the table while Yi Fan followed

stood up while Sister Fei Yi

echoed after Sister Fei Yi as soon as she

“It’s our pleasure to meet

Shen Ze simply nodded his head lightly and everyone sat down together

Lin Wen Xin that she is

she could get

to be so exciting!” She could no longer

finally got to meet Wang Shen Ze’s eyes and she could not help but give him a wide grin with anticipation in

not even bother to acknowledge her existence and simply focused on the screen that was at

Wang Shen Ze had caught this scene and

this situation

his eyes back and forth between them

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