Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 23 - His Suspicions

Wang Shen Ze briefly explained the situation to him over the phone.

“Yes President Wang, I will get to this immediately.”

What made him so sure of his suspicions of Hong Xin Rui?

The answer to this is simple - the glass of milk!

During his days at high school, Wang Shen Ze would often stay back in school with his first love to study together till the sky turned dark.

He used to have a habit of drinking coffee after his dinner.

This kept him very awake at night which was good for him to do his work but he had troubles sleeping when he got home.

His first love then decided to switch the coffee to milk for him.

Even though there is no caffeine content, the constant sipping could help him to remain awake for that short period of time.

However, Wang Shen Ze did not fancy drinking milk that much, and he usually could not finish a full glass of milk.

Hence, his first love decided to always pour specifically three quarters full so he could finish it and would not waste a single drop.

However, today’s milk was filled completely to the brim and this raised his suspicions of Hong Xin Rui again!

It is highly impossible that she would forget about this detail!

After all, she was the one who suggested and did this in the first place.

But then again, so many years have passed and there are also several factors to put into consideration.

Nevertheless, Wang Shen Ze wanted to be sure this time and decided to hire another investigator.

There was a nagging doubt at the back of his mind that Hong Xin Rui might not be the girl that he is looking for.


The next morning, Lin Wen Xin woke up early as usual to prepare the lunch bento for both Wang Shen Ze and herself.

Together with her carton box that she had packed the day before, she took a taxi to DT Holdings.

Since it is her first day of work at the company, she decided to arrive earlier so she could have some time to unpack her things and familiarise with the new environment.

Back in the house, Wang Shen Ze came down for breakfast with his business suit, holding a briefcase on one hand.

a quick glance and realised

serving him breakfast every morning before leaving for

this morning, his breakfast is already placed neatly on the table, just like how he likes

plate with ham and two sunny side ups on top

his right hand side while the freshly brewed

obvious that this was

Shen Ze turned and ask one of the servants, “Where

ten minutes ago.” The servant quickly

to ask him if she could get a ride from him to the office since

fact, Wang Shen Ze was still thinking of ways to mercilessly

that she would leave so early on her own

a girl like her be waiting

office with the boss is


Xin, you are truly unpredictable!” Wang Shen Ze sneered as he

is associated to Lin Gao Hai, she also did not want her new colleagues to know that she is married to

the centre of attention wherever she goes as this would really make it inconvenient for her to work

seems like this outcome is unavoidable from

ordered the servant to let everyone know that, “She will take my car

“Yes Sir, I understand.”


At DT Holdings

up and waved at her as soon as they

sending this box

me. I’m actually here

Xin?” One of the receptionists asked her as she scrolled through the list

It is my name! I got transferred here temporarily from my

the next few minutes while waiting for

took the elevator up

everyone have the privilege to enter the fifty-eighth level of the

company would

use to tap on

other companies only have a portion of a level as their office space,

space is so huge that it also houses an ensuite bedroom, gym, dining room with a fully equipped kitchen, theatre and several

himself and his team

Wen Xin stepped out of the elevator, she entered a grand lobby

phrase it nicely, this place is like a second

is simply like a security zone before

ground floor, you have several beautiful ladies receiving guests at

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