Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 24 - Did He Hear Wrongly?

“What are you doing?!” Wang Shen Ze stared at her with his cold and piercing gaze.

Lin Wen Xin was momentarily stunned and could not respond to him until a few seconds later.

“I... I just saw that the box looks familiar so...”

This box indeed looks like the one Lin Wen Xin had gifted to Wang Shen Ze back in high school.

It should contain the first ever present that she had given to him - a feather designed metal bookmark.

When Lin Wen Xin caught sight of this box earlier, she could not believe her eyes and wanted to check it for herself.

Not only did Wang Shen Ze keep this gift from six years ago, the box is still in such a mint condition!

Did he actually take it down and clean it every day?

“Don’t you dare touch my things with your filthy hand!”

Wang Shen Ze then threw her hand away in a downward motion.

“Get out!” He commanded in a cold tone.

“I’m sorry, I will be careful next time.”

Lin Wen Xin originally wanted to explain herself but seeing that he is so angry, she decided to quickly leave the room.

Hais... It was a pity that she did not get to see her bookmark in the box.

But judging by how protective he was over that box, the things inside should be his own stuffs and not the bookmark right?

Lin Wen Xin sighed as she dropped her shoulders, “I really shouldn’t have overthink that the bookmark will be inside.”

“What should I do now? He must be so pissed at me...”

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