Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 25 - You Can Have It

He opened the bag and took out a beautifully designed paper box.

A slice of double chocolate fudge cake?

Wang Shen Ze paused for a moment as he fell into a deep thought.

How did she know that this is his favourite cake?

In fact, he does not even eat cakes in general except when it is in this flavour!

Even though humans are naturally imperfect, Wang Shen Ze has never liked to show other people his weaknesses.

He has always preferred to put on a strong front, but deep inside, there are also times when his negative emotions could overwhelm him.

Hence, each time he is feeling down, he would hide in his room to eat this cake and feel much better afterwards.

But he did not recall sharing this secret of his to anyone!

Except... for that one time...

Wang Shen Ze looked up and saw Lin Wen Xin’s busy figure back facing him through the glass windows.

“No! This can’t be it!”

He thought to himself as he looked at the cake again in disbelief.

It must have been a pure coincidence that she has bought this flavour!

Wang Shen Ze sneered as though he had finally understood the whole situation.

“Humph, so you are trying to earn my favour with this small cake? Dream on!”

He then threw the entire box together with the bag into the bin that is near him.

Over in the other room, Lin Wen Xin is indeed busy arranging the carton boxes that Yi Fan had just brought in.

It is even an understatement to say that her office looks like a warehouse now!

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